On the Road: Guarding Our Southern Border

Help me continue my service to our great nation! I joined the Marines right out of highschool. I made a difference in the lives of my family, friends and my country by doing what I could. After the Corps, I had various jobs mostly in security. Continuing my desire to help, I joined the National Guard and served my state proudly. Since 2005 I’ve been volunteering along the US/Mexico border in a variety of ways such as patrol, humanitarian aid and Intel. Help me continue my volunteer service by donating to my fund. As a disabled veteran, I’ve got limited funds to make my contribution to our community and need the support of those that cannot be there by my side.

Learn more about John and his team’s mission here. 

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I Repeat, The US is a REPUBLIC

GIF--Nope-No-way-Nah-no-Judge-Judy-GIFBack in April I put together a post that–in my opinion– had an informative, easy to understand comparison between a Republic vs Democracy. As much as I wish every American read that post, it didn’t happen. I still hear/read AMERICANS referring the US using the “D word.”  Come on, Really?


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You’re Getting Out Of The Marine Corps? Are You Insane?


The following is an op-ed written by your company first sergeant.

Hey Marine, come on in and take a seat. Can I get you anything?

No? Ok great.

Gunny tells me you were thinking about getting out of our beloved Corps. Is that true?

What the [heck] is wrong with you? Are you insane? You must be insane. There’s absolutely nothing for you out there. Read more