33 Gorgeous Photos Captured By The US Air Force

An F-35 Lightning II completes a series of night flights, testing the ability to fly the jet safely in instrument meteorological conditions where the pilot has no external visibility references.

via: Business Insider

America’s Air Force is celebrating its 67th anniversary today. The youngest of the four sister service branches, has 324,820 active duty airmen, along with another 9,860 in reserves, operating approximately 13,700 aircrafts in active service.

The U.S. Air Force continues to play an important role in giving ground and amphibious forces the flexibility to attack and a means to escape enemy fire.  Read more

Air Force 67th Birthday

I overlooked this yesterday. My apologies Air Force, Happy Birthday!

via: Business Insider

The US Air Force celebrates its official birthday on September 18. Created by the National Security Act after World War II, the Air Force is turning 67 years old today.

Originally, the Air Force functioned as a subservient branch of the military operating under the supervision of the US Army. Between the US military’s first purchase of an aircraft in 1909 and up until 1947, the military’s air component operated under a number of various forms, and was ultimately designated as the United States Army Air Forces in 1941. Read more