US Army Achievements

Soldiers have a short meeting at an airfield i...
Soldiers have a short meeting at an airfield in Baqubah before an air assault into an outlying village of the city, June 18, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danger was one constant. As troops walked down this road in Helmand Province, soldiers spotted passers-by eyeing them suspiciously. Moments later, an IED exploded. No one on the patrol was killed or badly hurt.

If you fight with all your might, there is a chance of life; where death is certain if you cling to your corner.  Sun Tzu’s Art of War – Chapter 11: The Nine Situations





13 years ago today: America was unaware that the following morning would change her forever.

To the victims and their families of the attacks of Nine–Eleven, we’ll always remember. 

Clearing the Smoke: Suicide Prevention Month

vital warrior2

September is #Suicidepreventionmonth and I thought I would re-post this article featuring Mikal Vega retired US Navy Seal and his approach to battling PTSD and the prevention of suicide without the use of  psychiatric drugs.

Mikal Vega, retired US Navy Seal (22 years of Service) who is now the CEO of Vital Warriors. is a non profit organization and a system of non-pharmaceutical re-balancing designed by retired Navy SEAL Mikal A. Vega to alleviate the detrimental effects of acute stress in its clients. Visit his web site to get started, everything you need he has provided there. You can also vist to his sight through the link [first one] on my side bar Read more