In Limbo Between War & Peace: A Vietnam Veteran Comes Home

LIFE photographer John Olson (right) and Sgt. Mike Ball in Vietnam, 1970.


How a country treats it war veterans says a lot about its values. Not the values it purports to cherish, but those it actually holds. Whether one comes from a family where fathers, son, mothers and daughters have always served, or from one that hasn’t seen a member in uniform for generations, most of us believe that when a nation sends its young people off to war, they deserve recognition and, more importantly, help—psychological, medical, financial, whatever it takes to make sure they’re whole—when they come home. Read more

Middle Eastern Card-Stacking Championship Placed On Hold Again


DOHA, Qatar — The International Playing Card Stacking Federation announced that its first All Middle East competition will be postponed for the 99th time since it was first announced in 1915, sources confirmed Thursday.

“We sincerely regret postponing this long-awaited competition. Card stacking is an art of patience, precision, and achievement in the face of adversity, values which we believe have great meaning for the Middle East. However, given the current regional situation, we do not believe this an appropriate time for the competition,” said spokesman and international champion cardstacker Bryan Berg. Read more

Remember Everyone Deployed: RED on Fridays


Tomorrow is #RedShirtFriday. Support our deployed troops by wearing RED on Friday’s until they all come home.


Shout Out!

Staff Sgt. John Mariana and his dog Bronco take a well-deserved break during a deployment to Afghanistan!