On Your Feet

1950 Korean War. Marine air and ground units supporting the operation

The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there…and still on your feet.
Stephen King, The Stand

Battleground Afghanistan: pt. 2


I just noticed I posted the wrong video this morning; not sure how it happened but I’ve fixed it. Sorry for the mix-up!


Here’s the second documentary in the series that follows a company of Marines into battle in the most dangerous region in Afghanistan. Enjoy!

For the Guys, (to your left and your right)

Three Marines with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, stack up behind each other to view a suspicious compound during a patrol, May 27, 2012.

“…You are [fighting] for the guys to

your left and your right.  You’re not fighting for the

commanding officer, you’re not fighting to

accomplish the mission, and you’re not

fighting for the President of the United States.

You’re just fighting for the guys that you’re there with.


And you really would, you know

put your life on the line for these guys.

You would take a bullet for them, you really would.

And I think that’s with everybody.”

Cpl Unis, USMC

Golf Co. 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines–Afghanistan 

Helmand Province, Afghanistan: Corporal Brandon Unis posing for a picture aboard Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. (Photo Credit: National Geographic Channels)

Wind Lift

Airship Los Angeles, (wind lift incident)

On 25 August 1927, while the Los Angeles was tethered at the Lakehurst high mast, a gust of wind caught her tail and lifted it into colder, denser air that was just above the airship. This caused the tail to lift higher. The crew on board tried to compensate by climbing up the keel toward the rising tail, but could not stop the ship from reaching an angle of 85 degrees, before it finally descended. It was able to fly the next day.

Wow. Lol

Cold air arriving suddenly caused the USS Los ...
Cold air arriving suddenly caused the USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) to begin rising uncontrollably, about 13:30 hrs, 25 August 1927. (full description) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Will Defeat ISIL Just Like We Defeated Al Qaeda


The following is an op-ed written by Barack Obama, President of the United States.

Just over a decade ago, under my predecessor, our forces embarked on a campaign to fight the Global War on Terror after Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our military performed flawlessly in Afghanistan, routing the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and ultimately, denied the terror group a sanctuary from where it could attack us again. Read more

Smedley Becomes a Marine!

English bulldog Smedley Butler is in formation with members of the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, during the Eagle, Globe and Anchor ceremony at Camp Pendleton, final act before becoming a Marine. — Howard Lipin / U-T San Diego

11 September 2014

As dawn rose over the Reaper hill, a square-jawed, barrel-chested Marine recruit marched ahead to receive his Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem.

After successfully graduating from basic and intermediate puppy training, Pfc. Smedley Butler, the 6-month-old English bulldog mascot for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, finally earned the right to call himself Marine. Read more