First Kill: Vietnam Veteran Interview

Please Watch

This is a clip taken off First Kill, the documentary. Vietnam Veteran shares his experience.

For the entire [1:12] Vietnam Documentary ‘First Kill’, link to YouTube here.


He’s My Brother

Never Forget

I found these images on the  United States Marine Corps Official Page on Flickr. They’re great examples of the bond of brotherhood our military has. This is probably what I admire most about them. honor, commitment and love–not only for their country–but for their brothers in arms. To be admired.

Enjoy these pictures. You can get access to the Corps official page on Flickr at the above link. I’ve included it below as well.  Read more

The Tip of the Spear


Hehe,  don’t mess with the tip of the spear.

 Hello! I’ve been busy and I haven’t been around much this weekend but I have some time to dedicate to the blog today. So, I’m off to find something brilliant about our men and women in uniform to share with you. Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!