Images of The Great Depression: Dorothea Lange

Below are images and their description of the Great Depression by renowned photographer of the time, Dorothea Lange (above).  Read more

U.S. Marines conduct a security patrol in Nawa district in Helmand province, Afghanistan, Aug. 7, 2009.

Helmand Province: World’s Greatest Whackamole Game. ~#sixwordwar

Opinion: Our Military Exists To Fight And Win Wars — Except In Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, And Korea

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This was first published on September 4, 2013

The following is an opinion piece by General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As our nation stands on the brink of another military intervention, I’d like to speak directly to the American people in this moment of grave crisis. Read more

Zimmermann Telegram: A futile attempt to gain allies or an well orchestrated plot?

The Zimmermann Telegram (as it was sent from W...
The Zimmermann Telegram (as it was sent from Washington to Mexico) encrypted as ciphertext. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Charles F. Horne, commentary published in Volume 5 of Source Records of the Great War<, 1921.

Time clears our perspective upon many matters.

The Zimmermann note was an official letter sent secretly by Zimmermann, Germany’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, to her Minister in Mexico, directing him to attempt to unite Mexico and Japan with Germany in war against the United States. Read more

Geronimo His own story: Hopes for the Future

Arizona photo gallery

I am thankful that the President Of the United States has given me permission to tell my story. I hope that he and those in authority under him will read my story and judge whether my people have been rightly treated. Read more

Thurgood Marshall confirmed as Supreme Court justice: 1967

On this day in 1967, Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. He would remain on the Supreme Court for 24 years before retiring for health reasons, leaving a legacy of upholding the rights of the individual as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Read more

The Ten Largest Air-To-Air Battles In Military History


Air-to-air combat was a staple of modern war almost as soon as the technology for aerial warfare became practical. From the early 20th century through the end of the Cold War, air battles were determining factors in military campaigns. Today, air superiority allows the United States to engage in conflicts around the world relatively free of the risks inherent in ground warfare — as is currently being demonstrated in the U.S.’s bombing of ISIS targets in Iraq.  Read more

Black Hawk Helicopters Blanketed In Foam – Business Insider

Helicopters surrounded by fire suppression foam on the flight line at the Oklahoma National Guard

A contractor accidentally triggered a fire suppression system, filling a hangar and a nearby flight line at the Oklahoma National Guard Guard aviation facility in Tulsa with foam, Dan Lamothe reported for The Washington Post. The fire suppression system filled a hangar holding UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopters within seconds. Read more

A Box of WWII Souvenirs Yields a Trove of Nazi Creation Myths |

Paper envelope designed to hold 50 black and white “cigarette book” photos. The following slides in this gallery feature the 34 remaining photographs from the original set, along with captions from Germany’s Cigarette Picture Service. (Note: All caption translations by Lothar Krause.)

On a recent trip home to visit my parents in Southern California, I sat at the kitchen table with my mother and, over a cup of coffee, enjoyed some leisurely mother-daughter chatter. She asked about my life in New York, and my job as a photo editor at TIME. Among the things I told her about was our June coverage of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and the incredible story behind Robert Capa’s famous pictures of the Normandy invasion. Read more

Response to We the People Petition on Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

You may remember me telling you that I am on the President’s (White House) mailing list. Well, I found this in my inbox today. Have a look. I signed this petition & I guess I got my answer…

Response to We the People Petition on Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Read more

Geronimo His own story: A Prisoner of War


Born: June 16, 1829, Arizona

Died: February 17, 1909, Lawton, OK  80 years old

On one of my searches yesterday I came across the above picture that was captioned with the text directly below. Now, being from New Mexico I truly thought I knew everything there was to know about this Apache warrior, come to find out, (this is a little embarrassing),  I was wrong. I had no idea that he died as a POW of the United States. He was held at Fort Sill, OK. He was later buried there at the Apache Indian Prisoner of War cemetary. I decided to do some research into Geronimo’s life and I happened upon a site that has (among other great things) Geronimo’s Biography. I’ve read through it and I have to say,  being able to read the stories HE penned is an extraordinary honor. (The history geek in me is shining bright now).

Since this discovery is due to research of his POW days, I thought I would share this excerpt of his Biography now. If this goes over well, I’ll probably share more in the near future. I hope you find this as interesting as I did. Enjoy! Read more

Russia Claims Ukrainian Border Inexplicably Jumped Over Its Paratroopers


MOSCOW – In a surprising concession, the Kremlin announced Thursday that soldiers captured in Ukraine earlier this week were indeed from the elite First Airborne Division of the Russian Air-Landing Forces VDV, but it was due to the Ukrainian border inexplicably jumping over them “out of nowhere,” sources confirmed. Read more

Truman orders Navy to seize control of petroleum refineries: 1945

On this day in 1945, President Harry Truman issues Executive Order No. 9639, giving the Secretary of the Navy the power to seize control of and operate a list of petroleum refineries and transportation companies in order to counteract strikes by oil workers. The list of plants seized by the Navy included those owned by industry giants: the Gulf, Shell, Standard and Union oil companies. Read more

10 habits that follow you from the military into civilian life

Just because you leave the military, doesn’t mean every bit of the military has left you. Whether it’s saluting Old Glory or finding you can’t quite shake the 24 hour clock, there are some aspects of life in the military that simply become a permanent part of you. Read more

Memoirs & Diaries – The Diary of Thomas Fredrick Littler: 1914 & 1915

This post comprises the beginning of the wartime diaries of Thomas Fredrick Littler. I will post the rest in 2-3 posts. Enjoy!


The introduction below was penned by Fred’s descendent, Chris Littler.

Introduction by Chris Littler

Fred Littler joined the Cheshire Regiment shortly after his 17th birthday in 1914.  He trained in Aberystwyth, Cambridge, Northampton and Norwich, before beginning work at Siddley Deasy in Coventry. Read more