Old Glory

I first saw you as a child when I could barely stand.
Then I swore my first allegiance with my heart beneath my hand.
My father whispered in my ear how proud that I should be.
Because you are the symbol of a land that’s free.

As I grew I learned of all the things that you had done.
You’ve led the way to battle, brought home every fallen son.
We looked to you for hope, when there was none in sight.
We think back to Fort McHenry, when you made it through the night.

Now that I’m a man, I’ve sworn a sacred oath to you.
I’ll fight for your protection, and beliefs that I hold true.
You never asked for my respect although you have it all.
I vow that I’ll fight to the death to never let you fall.

The other day my son and I were walking down the street.
We stopped to pay you our respect when we heard retreat.
He asked me why we did it, my boy just didn’t see.
So I bent and whispered in his ear, like my father once did for me.

by Michael Fournier Technical Sergeant USAF

Wishes For Warriors-“Tabasco for the Troops” Challenge


Lol, I like this idea. Leave it to a Soldier to come up with this challenge. Good luck to any and all who take on this challenge. Thank you.

Published on Sep 2, 2014

Hey GY6nation, today is the start of epic challenge to help support our Combat Injured Vets. This challenge is to help raise money for the “Wishes For Warriors” Corporation. They are completely 100% NON-PROFIT and have their 501(c)(3), so everything you donate is a Tax Right Off. The money goes to fulfilling dreams that Combat Injured Vets, would never get to do otherwise. Your finical support is needed to keep them doing these great things for these True Hero’s. Rules to the Challenge:
1:Must Chug The Small Bottle of Tabasco(can’t pore it into a cup)
2:Must donate $10 or more to
3:Must call out at least 3 people to do the challenge ASAP
4: Laugh your ass off at the people that do it!

People I challenged:

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Silent Drill

Members of the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill team perform at the U.S. Naval Academy by Official U.S. Navy Imagery, via Flickr

The Evolution of PTSD: The Catalysts (con’t) pt. 6

Names of Vietnam veterans at Vietnam Veterans ...

A cold refreshing wind penetrates my bones–what a strange place this be. I hear familiar voices that have long passed from existence–I see faces–faces of friends long since dead. I realize now what has happened and where I am, yet I am happy with those whose names are carved in stone amidst the grass of a place called Arlington.

This is the last of this series of posts. 

by Jim Goodwin, Psy.D.



Many Vietnam veterans describe themselves as very vigilant human beings; their autonomic senses are tuned to anything out of the ordinary. A loud discharge will cause many of them to start. A few will actually take such evasive action as falling to their knees or to the ground. Many veterans become very uncomfortable when people walk closely behind them. One veteran described his discomfort when people drive directly behind him. He would pull off the road, letting others pass, when they got within a few car lengths of him. Read more

Don’t Tread on Me




Lawmakers tell Obama ‘we must go after ISIS’ after new video surfaces

Steven Sotloff

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting increasingly frightened by this threat by the day…

Watch the news broadcast of  this story breaking as well as current news clips here.

Congressional lawmakers urged the Obama administration to crank up the offensive against the Islamic State after another video surfaced purporting to show the graphic execution of an American journalist.

Two weeks after American James Foley was beheaded by his Islamic State captors, a video emerged Tuesday afternoon claiming to show freelance journalist Steven Sotloff being executed in the same way. Read more

Why Did World War I Just End? –TIME

Adolf Hitler in World War I
Adolf Hitler in World War I (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World War I ended over the weekend. Germany made its final reparations-related payment for the Great War on Oct. 3, nearly 92 years after the country’s defeat by the Allies. That’s not to say that Germany has been paying its dues consistently over the decades; the country defaulted on its loans many times and the current payouts have only been happening since the 1990s. What took Germany so long to pay for the war? Didn’t World War I end long ago? Does this mean we’re all survivors of the Great War? Read more

September: Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide prevention month

September is ‪#‎SuicidePreventionMonth‬ and we invite you to join us in supporting our ‪#‎Veterans‬ and Servicemembers.

If you’re concerned about someone, connect him or her with the ‪#‎VeteransCrisisLine‬ for confidential support 24/7 — because one call can save a life.

Learn more about ‪#‎ThePowerOf1‬ at

crying Soldier suicide


Mohammad Gulab ~ Just call him Hero. When Operation Redwing went bad in Afghanistan three Seals lost their lives. But one, Marcus Luttrell, survived. Blown off a ridge, alone, injured,and thought to be dead Luttrell was taken in by Gulab and protected. He defiantly refused to hand over Luttrell to the Taliban even as they burned down his home and threatened the lives of his family and village members. Gulab trekked to an American military post and brought help for Luttrell, saving his life.


Thank you, Mohammad.

Rest Easy, Warriors

Matthew G. Axelson, Daniel R. Healy, James Suh...
Matthew G. Axelson, Daniel R. Healy, James Suh, Marcus Luttrell, Shane E. Patton, and Michael P. Murphy prior to the battle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ISIS Is A Clear Threat To The West That Must Be Stopped

The following is an op-ed written by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In recent months I have watched in stunned horror as a group armed with military weapons, trucks, and equipment has moved into and taken over a neighboring country. These disgusting savages who have effectively erased borders that have been in place for many years not only peril the sovereignty of nations, but also threaten to destabilize the entire region. Read more

A Picture Before Dying: Franz Ferdinand and Sophie, Sarajevo, 1914

Archduke Franz Ferdinand (seated, in hat) and his wife, Sophie, on the day they were assassinated, Sarajevo, June 28, 1914.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on June 28, 1914, is widely seen as the central, precipitating event of the First World War: the spark that lit the conflagration. Here, historian and bestselling author Margaret MacMillan, whose masterful The War That Ended Peace is now in paperback, considers a single photograph of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie made just hours before their violent deaths—and discerns in the sunny scene the seeds of chaos and unfathomable destruction.
_____________________________________________________________________ Read more

Japan surrenders: 1945

Umezu signing the instrument of surrender to t...
Umezu signing the instrument of surrender to the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Japan formally surrenders to the Allies, bringing an end to World War II. Read more