Nude Celebrity Photos Leak, World Peace Breaks Out


THE PENTAGON — Multiple sources confirmed there would be temporary cease-fires at conflict zones around the world in what is being dubbed a “humanitarian” move to allow soldiers and rebel groups to get to a computer and view the massive trove of nude celebrity photos that leaked online Sunday. Read more

coffee bunker

This is a new site that I found via my Google Plus vets. If you’re not in the Tulsa area, take a look at the website anyway, they have a lot to offer online as well.  🙂

Coffee Bunker is a place of connection for our veterans and their family members. We’re glad you’ve found us and hope you’ll visit our website often. Take a look around and get acquainted with Coffee Bunker, our veterans and family members, and the outreach we are able to provide to them. As we continue growing, come take advantage of all we offer and will be offering in the coming days. Most of all, you’ll find Coffee Bunker to be a great place for you to find connection, honor, support, resources and renewal. Read more


NEVER Take for Granted Any of Our Veterans, Nor the Rights & Freedoms They Honorably Stood Up to Secure & Keep Intact for Our Entire Nation, & Which They Are Still Standing Up for to This Very Day.
Freedom is NEVER Free.

The Spartan Fund

John (on the right, baseball cap) is in my veterans circle on Gplus and he had this posted yesterday. This young Marine is volunteering his time to secure our border. Link to his page via the link below. Thank you. 


Help me continue my service to our great nation! I joined the Marines right out of highschool. I made a difference in the lives of my family, friends and my country by doing what I could. After the Corps, I had various jobs mostly in security. Continuing my desire to help, I joined the National Guard and served my state proudly. Since 2005 I’ve been volunteering along the US/Mexico border in a variety of ways such as patrol, humanitarian aid and Intel. Help me continue my volunteer service by donating to my fund. As a disabled veteran, I’ve got limited funds to make my contribution to our community and need the support of those that cannot be there by my side.

Nailer and I about to go on mission

It’s my mission to establish communications to maintain operational control, safety and security. I can’t do that with out my truck, which is not running. I’m asking for your support to help me get it up and running, and purchase some desperately needed life-saving equipment. Can you spare a dollar or two?

Update one:

Thanks to everyone who has helped me in my mission! The fight isn’t over, but I am 3.7% closer to my goal – Semper Fi

To donate or learn more about John and his teams mission link here.

click here to view John’s Google Plus page