Image of the Day: 30 August 2016 

US Marine lets loose with his M1918 Browning Auto Rifle somewhere in the Pacific. Chambered for the .30-06 Springfield rifle cartridge, the M1918 was the light auto weapon at platoon level that was supposed to be deployed in a “walking fire” mode — blasting from the hip. In practice, the M1918 was mostly fired with the help of its bipod or like a conventional rifle, provided the shooter could withstand the recoil.

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Image of the Day: 4 August 2016 

127-GW-329-112426: After returning from the front line, Sergeant William Purdum rests and reads mail received on Iwo Jima. He was a member of the Twenty-Eight Marines. Photographed by R. H. Stotz, 4 March 1945.

After returning from the front line, Sergeant William Purdum rests and reads mail received on Iwo Jima. He was a member of the Twenty-Eight Marines. 
Photographed by R. H. Stotz, 4 March 1945.


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How To Survive The First 4 Weeks Of Marine Boot Camp

A drill instructor walks us through the first four weeks of Marine Corps boot camp.

Get off my bus right now!

This is how Marine Corps recruit training, or boot camp, begins. Some guy you’ve never met, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, screams at you to get off the bus. You file out and stand on the yellow footprints, a right of passage for all future Marines, and a reminder that every one of the Corps’ heroes and legends stood where you’re standing. (be sure to watch the video below)!  Read more

Image of the Day: 29 April 2016

Life in a foxhole. There’s always room for a smile.

Image of the Day: 14 April 2016

March 16, 1945: A U.S. Marine approaches a Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima, Japan during World War II. The Japanese soldier was buried for 1 1/2 days in this shell hole playing dead and ready with a live grenade inches away from his hand. The Marines feared he might be further booby trapped underneath his body after knocking the grenade to the bottom of the shell hole. Promising no resistance, the prisoner is given a cigarette he asked for and was dragged free from the hole. (AP Photo)

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Image of the Day: 6 March 2016

U.S. Marines with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment (2/1), Regimental Combat Team 1, and Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers cross a makeshift bridge during Operation Godfather in Durzay, Afghanistan, Jan. 14, 2011.


Image of the Day: 1 March 2016

40 mm grenade launcher, .50 caliber machine gun, or 25 mm Bushmaster cannon (that last one is the favorite).


Image of the Day: 18 February 2016

A U.S.  Marine with an M2-2 flamethrower on Iwo Jima.


This Marine Is About To Run 161 Miles In Honor Of Fallen Servicewomen

In honor of the 161 women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Capt. Maggie Seymour will run a 161 miles over four days.

If it’s something you feel passionate about, your body can do it,” according to Marine Corps Capt. Maggie Seymour. While reeat’s easy for an experienced runner to say, 161 is a daunting number of miles to run.

As part of the nonprofit, Valor Run, Seymour will be doing just that: running one mile for each of the 161 women who gave their lives during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over four consecutive days.
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Image of the Day: 16 February 2016

When I arrived in Baghdad, after spending a month in southern Iraq, it was still possible to go out on your own without security personnel. First I took a look at the local hospital and after spending some time there I strolled around the premises of the hospital. I stumbled upon a group of Marines who were securing the buildings around the hospital and looking for possible collaborators and or Iraqi soldiers/snipers hiding in the high rises next to the hospital. The Marines were searching the buildings thoroughly and opening each and every room by kicking in the doors.”

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Image of the Day: 7 February 2016

I understand that fear is my friend, but not always. Never turn your back on Fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed. My father taught me that, along with a few other things that have kept my life interesting.  

― Hunter S. Thompson


Image caption:
U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Skylar Barrowman with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines (2/8), Regimental Combat Team 7, provides security during a clearing operation in Nowzad, Afghanistan, June 6, 2013. The Marines and Sailors of 2/8 conducted a partnered operation with their Afghan National Security Force counterparts.

Image of the Day: 5 February 2016

I just love how calm everything looks in this gundamesque still. The Airmen preparing the car as if nothing was going on. One of the helicopter’s crew members looking out, business as usual, lah dee-lah dee-lah, just another day in the Marines. And that giant helo frozen in the air, so peaceful—even while it’s obvious that its thunder must be deafening. Poetry in flight, I tell you. [USAF Flickr]

Image of the Day: 23 January 2016

U.S. Marine `Raiders’ and their dogs, which are used for scouting and running messages, starting off for the jungle front lines on Bougainville.” T.Sgt. J. Sarno, ca. November/December 1943. 127-GR-84-68407. (ww2_37.jpg)

Image of the National Archives

Image of the Day: 4 August 2015


A living, breathing page of American history! Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker. USMC. He walked the 2 mile parade route. Two Navajo Marines are helping him with the last 1/2 mile. ☺
This is a special picture for me. I grew up with some of these warrior’s grandchildren.
Semper Fi.

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Image of the Day: 23 July 2015

Courtesy of the US Navy

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam honors fallen service members killed in Chattanooga shootings last week.

Bout time. Just sayin…


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