See if you can spot the armed camouflaged Marine watching you

Camouflage effectiveness



He’s so good that it’s almost impossible to spot him, even when he’s directly in front of the camera.

Effective camouflage can be the difference between life and death in a combat situation. And for US Marine Brent Downing, camouflage is also an art. An expert in camouflage techniques, Downing runs a YouTube segment called the “Camouflage Effectiveness Series” in which he documents techniques from militaries around the world.

Image of the Day: 2 January 2016

US Marines in Afghanistan. 

Image found here

US Offered Iran A Prisoner Swap

I posted this Marines story last month. You can read it here.

Business Insider

DUBAI (Reuters) – A lawyer for an Iranian-American former US Marine jailed in Tehran was reported on Tuesday as saying the United States had sought his release through a prisoner swap, but officials in Washington denied any proposed exchange.

Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai, attorney for former Marine Amir Hekmati, told Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency that the United States had made the request and it had been put to Iran’s judiciary, which has not yet responded. Read more

Image of the Day: 27 December 2014


Dress Blues–USMC

US Marines official withdrawal from Afghanistan: Photo Journal

After an all night long withdrawal operation on Camp Leatherneck, tired Marines are packed into a C-130 with very little room and sit on their rucksacks for the flight to Kandahar Airfield. — Nelvin C. Cepeda / UT San Diego/Twitter @NelCepeda

This photo journal was published in my local paper today. ( In the related story published  a week ago, a reporter looks back on the history of headquarters given to  Afghan troops. (Camp Leatherneck). Standby, story to follow this post.  Enjoy!!

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Marine Corps Body Bearers

 photo 6-55.jpg
Lance Cpl. Bradley Young, a Marine Corps body bearer, finishes folding a funeral flag during a practice funeral Nov. 25. Body bearers carry the remains of fallen Marines to their final resting place in Arlington and surrounding cemeteries in the National Capital Region.

I found the above image today and was curious about what it signified, more so because this Marine is wearing white leather gloves to fold the flag–so I did an image search–below is what I found. This is another example of why “Semper Fi” is the Marine Corps motto.

By Cpl. Scott Schmidt

WASHINGTON – It’s an iconic scene: Six men stand together halfway around the world from home and raise a flag on top of Mount Suribachi. When the men returned home, their story of valor on Iwo Jima lifted a nation to its feet in the midst of the turning point of World War II. Read more

Here’s What Happened When NASA Simulated A Marine Helicopter Crash

Technicians at NASA Langley pulled a helicopter 30 feet into the air before dropping it to test crashworthy systems.

On October 1, NASA researchers tried to simulate a helicopter crash.

Researchers gathered at the space agency’s Langley’s Landing and Impact Research facility alongside representatives from the military, as well as national and international government agencies, to drop a former Marine helicopter 30 feet to the ground.

The NASA drop test featured a Boeing CH-46 fuselage outfitted with almost 40 cameras inside and out, along with an additional 350 data channels recording the movement of aircraft. Read more

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect



Standing By

Marine Infantry Officer Course (IOC) students await a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter fast rope drill on the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., Auxiliary Landing Field 2, Wednesday, August 18, 2014. The fast rope training instilled in these Marines the skills necessary to complete IOC’s final exercise, Talon Reach IV.

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. James Marchetti

The look on their faces..? 

The US Has Lost Its First Serviceman In The Fight Against ISIS

The V-22 Osprey aircraft flies over the Welsh countryside as it performs an exhibition flight for the media on the sidelines of a NATO summit on Sept. 5.

The US Navy ended its search for a Marine who bailed out of an MV-22 Osprey and fell into the Arabian Gulf. Navy officials said the Marine is presumed dead.

US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel conducted an extensive search throughout Wednesday night and Thursday, service officials said. Read more




Please watch this 6 minute video and pass it on. We don’t have much time left. Andrew needs to get home, he suffers from PTSD and has been in Mexican custody since March 31. End his role as a political pawn.

Smedley Becomes a Marine!

English bulldog Smedley Butler is in formation with members of the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, during the Eagle, Globe and Anchor ceremony at Camp Pendleton, final act before becoming a Marine. — Howard Lipin / U-T San Diego

11 September 2014

As dawn rose over the Reaper hill, a square-jawed, barrel-chested Marine recruit marched ahead to receive his Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem.

After successfully graduating from basic and intermediate puppy training, Pfc. Smedley Butler, the 6-month-old English bulldog mascot for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, finally earned the right to call himself Marine. Read more

The Few, The Proud…


The Marines

He’s 1/2 way there. If that look can be mastered at such a young age I’d predict this young Marine will rank right up there with Chesty and Mattis.

Semper Fi, little man Oorah! 

This was shared by a veteran on GPlus this evening, I had to share it here.


You’re Getting Out Of The Marine Corps? Are You Insane?


The following is an op-ed written by your company first sergeant.

Hey Marine, come on in and take a seat. Can I get you anything?

No? Ok great.

Gunny tells me you were thinking about getting out of our beloved Corps. Is that true?

What the [heck] is wrong with you? Are you insane? You must be insane. There’s absolutely nothing for you out there. Read more

The Spartan Fund

John (on the right, baseball cap) is in my veterans circle on Gplus and he had this posted yesterday. This young Marine is volunteering his time to secure our border. Link to his page via the link below. Thank you. 


Help me continue my service to our great nation! I joined the Marines right out of highschool. I made a difference in the lives of my family, friends and my country by doing what I could. After the Corps, I had various jobs mostly in security. Continuing my desire to help, I joined the National Guard and served my state proudly. Since 2005 I’ve been volunteering along the US/Mexico border in a variety of ways such as patrol, humanitarian aid and Intel. Help me continue my volunteer service by donating to my fund. As a disabled veteran, I’ve got limited funds to make my contribution to our community and need the support of those that cannot be there by my side.

Nailer and I about to go on mission

It’s my mission to establish communications to maintain operational control, safety and security. I can’t do that with out my truck, which is not running. I’m asking for your support to help me get it up and running, and purchase some desperately needed life-saving equipment. Can you spare a dollar or two?

Update one:

Thanks to everyone who has helped me in my mission! The fight isn’t over, but I am 3.7% closer to my goal – Semper Fi

To donate or learn more about John and his teams mission link here.

click here to view John’s Google Plus page


The intermittent monotony of orchestrated chaos
~Bret Gould, OEF 2012 #sixwordwar