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Who’s Anna?

I’m a spirited, passionate American. I love my country and I stand by the men and women who defend it.

2014-04-06 10.19.18-MOTION

My grandfather was a decorated USMC Gunnery Sergeant in WWII and Korea. He received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star; he made it home–the metal plate in his head compliments of Dept of Navy were the result of a shrapnel hit.  I looked up to my grandfather albeit, he never, never talked about the wars. I admired who he was  and what he represented. I knew patriotism at a young age, I was lucky.

I was born  during the summer of  love; when the country thought the war in Vietnam was going to be coming to an end. Early the next year Nixon surprised the world by telling them that we had fresh boots on the ground in Cambodia. Our involvement was not only expanding, the draft was to be reinstated as well.


From Washington and San Francisco to  Kent State University the country had become a state of protest. College students being at the forefront of the uprisings, and rightly so–it would be their draft cards being pulled.  I may have only been a baby in 1970 but something was in the air–it was a time like no other and I am a product of that. I believe the fire I posses is a result of the era I was born and the family I was born into,  Nature and Nurture.

  I don’t always agree with the wars we find ourselves in, but I’ll  never turn my back on the brave men and women who answer the call of the clarion and ran towards the battle cries

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Denver in Marjah
Marjah, Afghanistan 2011- Rest Easy, DAS

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3 thoughts on “Anna

  1. anna. ed wells wed nite. in a little while i want to send my article again. the running monologue thing kind of stung. when i realized it stopped in mid article i understood then. it’s a really good article anna. i just reread it. the reason i wrote it in the first place was to call more attention to this suicide thing going on in the numbers i’m hearing. but when you read of old bum rattling on and then stops.lol. i would classify that as the politest term i’ve ever heard. you must think i
    ‘m nuts. but anna, if you can get the whole thing. i think you will be a little surprised. it brings horor to fallen nam vets and a world of experience 51,000 worth. in this suicide thing. there have to be lessons learned. i’m learning a few things myself these days. and oh yea. 1969 was the wildest year in americas history in centuries. i graduated from high school. went into the army. charlie manson did sharon tate and friends. man on the moon. woodstock. and that was just summer. i’m not surprised you’re a pistol.


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