The Evolution of PTSD: ‘Shell-shocked’ pt. 1

"Shell-shock" Vietnam Soldier
“Shell-shock” Vietnam Soldier


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BY: Jim Goodwin, Psy.D.

“My marriage is falling apart. We just don’t talk any more. Hell, I guess we’ve never really talked about anything, ever. I spend most of my time at home alone in the basement. She’s upstairs and I’m downstairs. Sure we’ll talk about the groceries and who will get gas for the car, but that’s about it. She’s tried to tell me she cares for me, but I get real uncomfortable talking about things like that, and I get up and leave. Sometimes I get real angry over the smallest thing. I used to hit her when this would happen, but lately I just punch out a hole in the wall, or leave and go for a long drive. Sometimes I spend more time on the road just driving aimlessly than I do at home. Read more

‘Post-Vietnam Syndrome’ & Agent Orange: Veterans Battle on the Homefront

By 1973, US combat involvement in Vietnam ended, and VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) changed its emphasis to include advocating amnesty for draft resistors and dissenters. President Jimmy Carter eventually granted an amnesty in 1980.

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Marine Digging Slit Trench Finds Himself In China


BEIJING, China — A U.S. Marine is being detained in China for what officials called a “literal breach of Chinese sovereignty” after he allegedly infiltrated the country through the use of a sophisticated tunnel system, Duffel Blog has learned. Read more

The Subtle Message to ISIS: Pen & Phone Not Included

"Over There"
“Over There”

Hehe, now THIS is how it’s done. THIS is how America [should] reply(ies) to a direct threat from the enemy. They’ll rue the day they step foot on our sovereign land…if the Marines (et. al.) have their druther, that is. 

A military veteran has penned a scathing letter to the Islamic State militants in the Middle East, denouncing their brutal reign of terror in the wake of James Foley’s execution. Read more

Not just for combat anymore: camo’s newest role on the homefront

Soldier, US Army “have you seen your father?” Camo test run, stateside. Lol

I’m pleased the camouflage our troops are wearing work. As you see they are useful both stateside [ultimate hide and seek with the kids or avoiding wife/ ‘honey-do’ list] AND on the field. Lol If the Soldier above had covered his boots, I don’t think I would have spotted him.

US Navy’s new digital camos.
Field tested, Soldier approved.


Leaving Europe: A new life in America

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America is well-known as a land of immigrants; a notion that is essential to its identity. European migration to America may be dated from 1620 when 100 Pilgrims from England set out on the difficult four-month journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Most Europeans emigrated to America between 1820-1920. They came in two major waves, first from northern and western Europe in the early 19th century, then from southern and eastern Europe between 1860 and 1920. While the Pilgrims left their homeland seeking freedom from religious persecution, immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries were also fleeing poor economic conditions or political oppression. Read more

1899: Aboard U S S Olympia



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