Memoirs & Diaries – The Diary of Thomas Fredrick Littler: 1914 & 1915

This post comprises the beginning of the wartime diaries of Thomas Fredrick Littler. I will post the rest in 2-3 posts. Enjoy!


The introduction below was penned by Fred’s descendent, Chris Littler.

Introduction by Chris Littler

Fred Littler joined the Cheshire Regiment shortly after his 17th birthday in 1914.  He trained in Aberystwyth, Cambridge, Northampton and Norwich, before beginning work at Siddley Deasy in Coventry. Read more

Dog Tales

In 1903, Dr. Horatio Nelson set out to become the first man to drive across America in a newfangled invention known as the automobile. Though Sewall K. Crocker was Nelson’s official co-driver, a goggle-wearing pit bull named Bud also came along for the ride, making him the first dog to drive across America. Read more

Obama’s New Executive Actions Aim to Empower Veterans

Now Denmark Is Going Back to Iraq, Too

A Danish C-130J Hercules transport plane is heading to Iraq alongside Danish support troops. Seven years after bowing out of the U.S.-led occupation, the Danes are joining a new and rapidly expanding military coalition battling the Islamic State militant group. Read more

Don Your RED!




A U.S. Army soldier atop a Humvee armed with a heavy machine gun secures an area by a burning oil well in Iraq's vast southern Rumaila oilfields, on March 30, 2003. U.S. engineers moved through the oilfields on Sunday shutting down wellheads in an operation that could take months to complete. (Photo by Yannis Behrakis/Reuters/The Atlantic)

Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier;
I have seen worse sights than this.
Homer, The Odyssey

The Evolution of PTSD: The Catalyst (con’t) pt. 5



by Jim Goodwin, Psy.D.


The veterans’ rage is frightening to them and to others around them. For no apparent reason, many will strike out at whomever is near. Frequently, this includes their wives and children. Some of these veterans can be quite violent. This behavior generally frightens the veterans, apparently leading many to question their sanity; they are horrified at their behavior. However, regardless of their afterthoughts, the rage reactions occur with frightening frequency. Read more

U.S. Air Force gets its first ace since Korean War: 1972

Charles B. DeBellevue, the first USAF Weapon S...
Charles B. DeBellevue, the first USAF Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) to become a flying ace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The U.S. Air Force gets its first ace (a designation traditionally awarded for five enemy aircraft confirmed shot down) since the Korean War. Captain Richard S. Ritchie, flying with his “backseater” (radar intercept officer), Captain Charles B. DeBellevue, in an F-4 out of Udorn Air Base in Thailand, shoots down his fifth MiG near Hanoi. Read more