The Six Most Epic One Man Armies in the History of War: #6. James H. Howard

Here’s a handful of men (6) who absolutely refused to go gently, instead opting to erupt violence like a volcano onto everything around them. I’ll post their stories individually. 

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One of the biggest struggles the war (in Afghanistan) was getting spooked locals to help the U.S. Army. Here, a soldier wakes up after an unsuccessful search for an insurgent leader in an Afghan village. The lieutenant yelled at the village elders for not aiding the search. They told him they would help if the Americans could provide security but that they hadn’t seen an American patrol in months.

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…and so is the valley


This Chart Shows The Terrifying Power Of Modern Nuclear Bombs

This infographic designed by Maximilian Bode and posted on illustrates the terrifying power of today’s nuclear bombs. Each red block represents a ton of TNT.

It breaks down the difference between bombs of the past, such as the Little Boy dropped at Hiroshima, and ones more recently detonated by the U.S., like the Castle Bravo. Read more

Here’s The Incredible Story Of A Pilot Who Partially Ejected From A Fighter Plane Mid-Flight — And Survived

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A total of 90 KA-6Ds, a tanker version of the A-6 attack aircraft, were produced by Grumman for the U.S. Navy. One of the most famous events involving the plane, whose operational life spanned from 1963 to 1997, took place on Jul. 9, 1991 during an aerial refueling mission over the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72.

On that day, Lt. Mark Baden and Lt. Keith Gallagher, who were the pilot and the bombardier and navigator BN of the Intruder “Lizard 515”, experienced a very unusual incident: a partial ejection from the aircraft. Read more

US Army Achievements

Army Achievements

“U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan Combat”

“We don’t carry empty weapons. ever.” 10th SFG RPC #sixwordwar