Mission: P-3C Orion, NAVAIR


P-3C Orion


The P-3C Orion is a land-based, long-range, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) patrol aircraft. The P-3C’s mission has to include surveillance of the battlespace, either at sea or over land. Its long-range and long loiter time have proved invaluable assets throughout the overseas contingency operation. Read more

US Navy: The Goat Locker

Behind this door is “The Goat Locker“. All Non-Chief Petty Officers make sure to remove your cover (hat) and knock before entering. The Command Master Chief (CMC) is SKCM(SW/AW) Ross Beverley USN Ret.


 This is the cover page of The Goat Locker website. Service members get extra privileges over civilians but we’re welcome there too. There’s everything from resources to memorabilia.  Visit the site. Read more

Glenn Miller: MIA

15 Dec 44: Famous bandleader Glenn Miller, whose music is among the most iconic of WWII, is reported Missing In Action after his flight from the UK to Paris to play for troops there fails to arrive. No trace of the plane, crew or passengers is ever found. His status remains as MIA to this day. #WWII

Clearing Afghanistan’s Caves

Clearing the caves in Afghanistan was a very dangerous phase in the war on terrorism — entering the underground fortresses of the al Qaeda. Most high-tech weaponry such as night-vision goggles won’t work in the total darkness of the caves. Instead, small groups of soldiers will have to go room to room with gun-mounted flashlights to hunt out the enemy. via CNN.com Read more

‘It turned into a battle for survival’


This is an American Airman. Meet Capt Barry Crawford, USAF. He is a Combat Control team officer photographed here in Afghanistan, where for ten hours, his Army colleagues under intense fire, he coordinated an air war against the enemy that finally forced them to retreat. He will receive the Air Force Cross. If you lived in Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, outside Philly, this airman was your neighbor. Read more

Medal of Honor: Tibor Rubin, Korean War

Corporal Tibor Rubin covered the withdrawal of his unit against a superior enemy force on October 30, 1950, and helped his fellow POWs survive while imprisoned in Korea from 1950 to 1953. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 23, 2005, after a review of the military records of Jewish-American veterans whose heroism might have been overlooked.

Read more about Rubin and other Medal recipients in MEDAL OF HONOR at http://www.artisanbooks.com/products/...