Helicopters surrounded by fire suppression foam on the flight line at the Oklahoma National Guard

A contractor accidentally triggered a fire suppression system, filling a hangar and a nearby flight line at the Oklahoma National Guard Guard aviation facility in Tulsa with foam, Dan Lamothe reported for The Washington Post. The fire suppression system filled a hangar holding UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopters within seconds.

 The force of the foam was so great that it forced open the hangar bay doors. The foam quickly spilled out from the hangar onto the nearby flight line.

Black Hawk helicopters are 65 feet long and about 10 feet tall. There were six helicopters in the hangar at the time of the fire system’s activation, although additional helicopters outside were also affected by the foam.

None of the helicopters were damaged during the incident.

via Black Hawk Helicopters Blanketed In Foam – Business Insider.