Vietnam: Dust Off, Doc

NOTE:  There’s nothing nice about war. The photojournalists during the Vietnam war did something that had never been done, and because of that America was able to see the #TRUTH about war, in back and white–there’s no sugar-coating the images, as it should be. The following images are of front line medics treating wounded soldiers, often being wounded themselves. This is a true testament to their brotherhood bond. The images  lack ‘gore’ but make up for it with thought-provoking and powerful message they relay: WAR IS HELL.

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I had to share this last photo, although off topic from the above gallery, it was taken in Vietnam.

A brief moment caught on film of a Soldier, putting the war out of his mind. But the moment was ever so brief.

Private First Class Clark Richie sniffs the scent of a letter from a girl back home in Jay, Oklahoma. April 1966.
Private First Class Clark Richie sniffs the scent of a letter from a girl back home in Jay, Oklahoma. April 1966.

Missouri National Guard Arrives In Ferguson, Begins Police Call

I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned this before now but, if you enjoy the articles by Duffel Blog (writers are retired military), I recommend reading the comments after them the majority of their followers are in/retired from the military. I’ve included a comment to this article and its responses below; I feel they’re worthy of being shared. Enjoy!

Content NSFW

Duffel Blog 

FERGUSON, Mo. — Members of the Missouri National Guard who were deployed by the governor arrived on Monday and immediately began to police call spent brass and cigarette butts around the police command center at a nearby mall, Duffel Blog has learned. Read more

A Saga of June the Sixth: Tribute to 82nd & 101st Airborne–Normandy

The following was written in tribute to D-day paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st
Airborne Divisions, by a fellow trooper who belonged to HQ Co. 551st PIB.  I met
the deceased trooper’s son rather by chance today and he shared the hand-written poem, which I will transcribe below.  I think it reveals how bitterly troopers regarded combat-and their mortal enemies, at that time.

Airborne troops prepare for the descent on Europe of D-Day invasion June 6, 1944.

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Pollywog or Shellback: The Navy’s Line Crossing Ceremony

The Navy is chock full of myth and tradition, and what happens at sea even affects our language. Many naval traditions, from the Sirens and Sea Monsters of the Odyssey to the boatswain’s call, date back hundreds and even thousands of years.

The Line Crossing Ceremony might just be the most interesting of today’s naval traditions. Read more

Ol’ Salts


President Theodore Roosevelt ordered a fleet of us ships to circumnavigate the world from 1907-1909.

 I’m going to assume that most–if not all–of these young men were still polliwogs [at time of photo].

Navy Day 1945

 I guess the rest of the fleet is still circumnavigating the world? Or was this the size of our Navy in 1945? The war in the Pacific was officially over in September of the same year.


The USS Holland was the Navy’s first commissioned submarine as seen in this 1900 photo.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

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