Point/Counterpoint: WTF Did Sergeant Major Just Say?


The following is a point/counterpoint debate between two Army privates trying to decipher what the hell their battalion sergeant major is actually saying to them during a battalion liberty brief.

Private First Class Aaron Singh: The SgtMaj always sounds like some kind of silverback gorilla flinging poo at us. Did you hear what he just said? I sure as hell don’t understand a word. “Disturbeding trendency?” Does he even speaky Engrish? Read more

Planet H: Get your kids hooked on history!



America wasn’t built in a day! Explore five exciting eras of American history through dozens of mini-games and experience what it was like to expand the boundaries of the American frontier.

Frontier Heroes tests your smarts, skills, and reflexes as you work your way through an illustrated version of American history, from pre-Colonial days through the California Gold Rush. Collect era-specific challenges to unlock more exciting adventures, and collect Did You Know historical facts to learn mind-blowing facts about the ol’ US of A. Read more

The Soldiers Role

Larry Burrows—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

The sun burns down with scorching breath
As trudging men seek out their death
Which lies ahead.  In single file
They hump the jungle, mile on mile
In halting, cautious tread.
The fuzz-cheeked leader up ahead
Guides them on.

                The heavy packs]
Rub and chafe their aching backs
The wet boots suck from clinging mud
And rub great blisters full of blood
On swollen feet.  The thrill is gone!


Copyright Curt Bennett © 2003

The Beauty of War: Vietnam

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     The following poem was written by Vietnam veteran,  Curt Bennett © 2003

War at night

Has a special beauty,
There is nothing anywhere,
That can quite compare. Read more

The Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York: 1969

To Upstate New York

This Day in History 


On this day in 1969, the Woodstock Music Festival opens on a patch of farmland in White Lake, a hamlet in the upstate New York town of Bethel. Read more

The Ultimate Motivational Video – To The Glory!

This was shared on Google Plus by an Iraq War veteran.


Although there’s no direct reference to the military many of the things this video touches on are part of the military’s fabric. The words spoken are geared toward anybody/everyone and should be heard by all.  Enjoy!