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ISIS Militants Surrender After Seizing Massive Shipment Of Meals Ready-To-Eat


MOSUL, Iraq — Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIS are surrendering en masse to the Iraqi government following the group’s seizure of thousands of meals ready-to-eat, which made the fighters largely ineffective amid cramps and diarrhea, Duffel Blog has learned.

In addition to a number of MREs seized from former U.S. military bases, ISIS fighters had received a large shipment the U.S. had air dropped in to support the Iraqi Army. As soon as they were dropped however, the soldiers of the Iraqi Army — deathly afraid of jihadists, loud noises, dogs, Saddam still, and their own shadow — promptly fled the battlefield, allowing ISIS fighters to capture everything, sources confirmed. Read more

WWII Hero: “Mad Jack”

History — and especially the time around World War II — is filled with heroics, and, Lord knows, the bookshelves are filled with tales of great men’s exploits. A quick Amazon Books search reveals 12,453 hits for Winston Churchill, 7,811 for Dwight Eisenhower, 3,735 for Douglas MacArthur and 3,526 for George Patton. But what about the millions of citizen soldiers who also served in combat?

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