Iraq, Sadr city

Comms finally up. Don’t touch anything!  Forward23. OIF ‘03-04.  #sixwordwar

Flak Jackets and Kitty Cats

Kiki and Brian Chambers

I was searching for images to post for #caturday and came across this story. It’s from 2010 but I thought it was worth sharing again–perfect for the theme of the day. Enjoy!

U.S. Marines Brian Chambers and Chris Berry started a mission to help bring home the kittens they have befriended while serving in Afghanistan.

Brian Chambers found Kiki and his sister, Bones, at only 3 weeks old. Their mother had disappeared and the kittens were left alone to fend for themselves. Read more

Former Marine Turns Bass Angler Model


NEW HOPE, Ala. — Marine veteran Justin James Atchley Jr. may look like a normal guy in his small town but he is quickly becoming a star in the Marine Corps after seizing the cover of Bass Angler this month. Atchley, who completed four years of active duty service last fall, returned to his home state to drink beer and fish, and never expected to receive so much attention from those with whom he served. Read more