Photos of Military Training in 2013

via:  Business Insider

For anyone following my blog you may have noticed my love for pictures.  (not just military, it’s across the board) When I find them I always like to “share the wealth,” and that’s what I’m doing here. The Pentagon released their choice for the most intense training photos from the US Armed Forces in 2013 and Business Insider chose the best of them and I’m sharing a few of them here. To view them in high-resolution click the image. To see the rest of the collection, click on the link at the end of this post.  Enjoy! Read more

“Sorry to spoil your little joke…”*: The Origin of Kilroy

 “…I was here, but my pencil broke.” — Kilroy*   

A chalk drawing of Kilroy

Kilroy is about as American as apple pie…at least that’s what I used to think. Come to find out, he’s quite popular in other countries as well, he just goes under different names. I hope you enjoyed Kilroy’s back story–He’ll be making appearances now and again here in the blog so keep your eye out for him! Read more

Today in History: 1998, Ted Kaczynski pleads guilty to bombings

via:  This Day in History

On this day in 1998, in a Sacramento, California, courtroom, Theodore J. Kaczynski pleads guilty to all federal charges against him, acknowledging his responsibility for a 17-year campaign of package bombings attributed to the “Unabomber.” Read more

Good Morning

Love the Smell of Camels in the Mornin’! 

What day is it? Hump DAAAAy!  Have a Happy!
TC–(Tactical Camel)

Image: Due to budget cuts, US troops will be replacing their armored vehicles with new (readily available) substitutes. Here, the Marines are testing out their new mode of transportation. Studies suggest the money saved within a years time on fuel alone, is more than enough to pay for the first 9 holes of golf for our beloved leader. The issue of moral among the troops has yet to be studied.  Pictured below:  [TC–Tactical Camel]…Lol!