Delta Company, Part 1 – The Push to Baghdad

Offering viewers a front-row seat to history in the making, the Military Channel premieres DELTA COMPANY, the story of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Delta Company 1st Tank Battalion, as it pushes toward Baghdad in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom… Read more


Well, here it is!  Anything and everything you want to know about US Presidents over the past 200 years can be found here. They have Exclusive and Featured videos, links, articles and more! Just click the picture of The White House up there^^ to check it out!

America’s unique form of democracy separates power among three branches of government: the legislative, judicial and executive. As the head of the executive branch, the president of the United States is the country’s most visible and important leader, both at home and abroad. Join HISTORY for a fresh perspective on how the Oval Office has evolved over the past 200 years through stories about the 43 men who have served as commander-in-chief.


This Marines Promo Video Reveals The Depths Of The Military’s Anxiety – Business Insider

Steve Smith, US Navy


First: This is a cool video filled with really cool images of Marine Ospreys and burgeoning strategies for diplomatic security.

At the same time, though: It shows exactly what type of stress the American military is going through. Read more

Funny [& True?] Military Stories

The purpose of Side Boy Honour Guard aboard military ships

In today’s military, we have many unique customs. What is not realized is that what is now custom formerly had a real purpose. Take the use of Side Boys to welcome a ranking visitor aboard a military vessel. It is the task of assigning two, four, six, or eight men to line both sides of the gangplank based on the ascending rank of the officer visiting the vessel, with two being assigned for ensigns and Lts, up to eight for admirals and above. More rank, more honour guard, right? But this system originally served a darker purpose….  Read more

The Tragic Story Of A Marine Who Survived Fallujah Only To Die In The US – Business Insider

I’ve read many heartbreaking stories like the  one I’m sharing here.  The sorrow I feel when I read them cannot be compared to the sorrow of the loved ones  they left behind–I can’t begin to imagine, either–What makes it worse (for me) is there are countless more of these stories happening–every day–across our nation.  I have one comment for the people responsible for all of this:

When is enough gonna be enough? Bring them home…NOW.


The city of Fallujah is back in the news after being taken over by Al Qaeda militants, and now a third major battle over control of the city is on the horizon. Read more