USS Nimitz Dry Dock, Episode 5

Meet USS Nimitz Sailors and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard workers as they go through a major evolution in a ship’s life. This is a story of steel, but more important of the men and women making it all happen. This documentary is produced, written and edited entirely by Nimitz Sailors.

USS Nimitz Dry Dock, Episode 4

Follow a group of Sailors from the aircraft USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) as they wear many hats working on and off the ship during dry dock and living their lives as parents, students, volunteers and Sailors.

Ibragim Todashev’s Father Writes Open Letter to Obama, Releases Photos Surrounding Son’s Death

My heart goes out to this man and his family. In his letter he pleads with our President to work with him to find answers surrounding his young sons death. I’m wholly afraid that it has fallen on deaf ears…Lord, help us all.

By:   | January 3, 2014

Abdul-Baki Todashev, the father of Ibragim Todashev, the Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate shot to death in his Orlando, Fla., apartment by a FBI agent in the company of two Massachusetts State Troopers in May, has released an open letter to President Obama calling for justice. –


Abdulbaki Todashev

Representing interests of his son – Ibragim Todashev

98, 3-i Pereulok Dalniy,

Grozny city, Oktyabrskiy district,

Chechen Republic, Russian Federation


President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you being dictated by the call of my soul and the unalleviated pain of a father whose son was ruthlessly killed. I am not asking you to share my pain but I am asking you, as the head of the great country – the guarantor of democracy in the modern world, to help the law and justice prevail. I will try to be short and concise.

My son was born in 1985 in a family with other 11 children. All my life I worked hard, trying to provide for my family and bring up dignified and law-abiding children.

In 2008 Ibragim, being a fifth year student at the Chechen State University, was enrolled in an international student exchange program and went to the United States to practice his English. In Boston he studied English in depth and got engaged in big sports – Mixed Martial Arts. In 2011 he moved to Orlando, Florida. All these years, alongside with his studies and sports, he worked to earn his living and sometimes received financial support from his family back home. Read more

Gulf War Illness: Video Update via Gulf War Syndrome

Here’s a video update from a friend of mine he’s also an Retired Veteran, Iraqi War.

He’s a big voice in the battle for many of our veterans  and their health, including his own.  His life had been turned upside down and it gets worse by the day.  The longer they have to wait, the more we lose.  (56 a day to Gulf War Illness.)  Those are very high numbers. So, as I promised I’m “banging the drums” here.  Making a little noise; pass it on!  Thank everyone, have a great weekend.

This Day In History: 1847, Colt Sells His First Revolvers To The U.S. Government

Samuel Colt rescues the future of his faltering gun company by winning a contract to provide the U.S. government with 1,000 of his .44 caliber revolvers.

Before Colt began mass-producing his popular revolvers in 1847, handguns had not played a significant role in the history of either the American West or the nation as a whole. Expensive and inaccurate, short-barreled handguns were impractical for the majority of Americans, though a handful of elite still insisted on using dueling pistols to solve disputes in highly formalized combat. When choosing a practical weapon for self-defense and close-quarter fighting, most Americans preferred knives, and western pioneers especially favored the deadly and versatile Bowie knife. Read more

29 Pictures Of Marine Drill Instructors Screaming In People’s Faces – Business Insider

Every small-town tough guy thinks he’d never take treatment like this.

Then when they get down to Parris Island, that small-town tough guy quickly realizes: You will take treatment like this and like it.

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Marine Corps recruit training. Drill Instructors are the thing of legend — I remember, when they finally let us sleep for the first time, about 50 truly harrowing hours from the time we arrived, and those lights shut out, each of us in our racks, I heard a decent handful of grown men crying for their mothers.

I’m not even joking.



Wow, someone screwed up.

 These guys spend 13 weeks crushing every undisciplined aspect of a recruit’s body into dust.

. These guys spend 13 weeks crushing every undisciplined aspect of a recruit's body into dust.

Their faces are priceless, and at times it takes everything you’ve got not to laugh.
In boot camp, the first thing a recruit learns is that the word “I” is forbidden.

Forced instead to refer to themselves in the third person.
“This recruit doesn’t know what he did wrong, SIR!”

This poolee will learn if he gets to recruit training: NEVER look directly at the Drill Instructor.

To see the rest of these pictures, follow the link below.

via 29 Pictures Of Marine Drill Instructors Screaming In People’s Faces – Business Insider.