Marines In Iraq Hold Memorial Service For Their Porn Stash

As a commenter points out, this was in Iraq, not Afghanistan as previously thought. Either way, it’s a look at a truly heartbreaking day.

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  Paul is a former Marine grunt with eight years of experience — specializing in snapping necks and cashing checks. He enjoys blowing things up, making people laugh, and hardcore gangster rap music.


Marcus Aurelius Biography

Marcus Aurelius is one of history’s greatest warriors and one of the last greats for the Roman Empire at the time. He was quoted saying, “Meum Pactum Dictum” – My Word is My Bond.


Marcus Aurelius  was born on April 26, 121, in Italy, and was chosen by Emperor Hadrian to be his eventual successor. In 161, Aurelius took control of the Roman Empire along with his brother Verus. War and disease threatened Rome on all sides. Aurelius held his territory, but was weakened as a ruler after the death of his brother Verus. His son Commodus later became co-ruler in 177, only three years before Aurelius died on March 17, 180. Read more

Fight for Freedom

The “Fight for Freedom” Music Video – The United States Military Armed Forces who serve under the American flag and fight to preserve freedom are honored in this music video. Most of the video includes the United States Marines as well as the U.S. ARMY while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today in History: Iran Hostage Crisis ends 1980


after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as the 40th president of the United States, the 52 U.S. captives held at the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, are released, ending the 444-day Iran Hostage Crisis. Read more