Free military wallpaper

Here are some wallpaper for your desktop, you can download these and you can also visit the site here to see the rest of the collection. Read more

The Battle of Vicksburg: Animated Map



Here’s the last of the new animated maps from Civil War Trust. I’ll be checking the site for any new additions. Clicking below will link you to the site, from there you can launch the map.  

Watch this animated map of the Battle of Vicksburg,  [via:] produced by Wide Awake Films in partnership with Friends of Vicksburg Battlefield. Learn more about this important Civil War campaign and battle, one sometimes called the turning point of the war.

via Vicksburg Animated Map.

72 Black-Eyed Virgins Still Waiting To Give It Up

AL JANNAH Islamic Heaven —  Making a claim sure to confound many Islamic extremists back in the world of mere mortals, 72 dark-eyed virgins came forward this week to announce they’re still impatiently lounging about this divine garden paradise while restlessly waiting to “get the turf tapped” for the very first time.

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This Day in History: Bush appoints Rice as secretary of state, 2005

via: This Day in History

On this day in 2005, President George W. Bush appoints Condoleezza Rice to the post of secretary of state, making her the highest ranking African-American woman ever to serve in a presidential cabinet. Read more