DHS Purchases 1.2 Billion ‘Domestic Anti-Personnel’ Rounds

ARLINGTON, VA — The Department of Homeland Security has purchased more than one billion rounds of a newly designed 9mm handgun round designated “domestic anti-personnel,” developed in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and manufactured in China by NORINCO, a Duffel Blog investigation has uncovered. Read more

Midweek MILspeak 1/29/14

This week’s lingo is brought to you by  Blackhawk Down

Waging war is a risky, all-encompassing endeavor physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It displays humankind at its best and at its worst, and the war fighter’s slang reflects the bitter, terrible, and inspiring all of it. A quick scan of these phrases illustrates the spectrum: disciplined bravado provides the glitz and glamour; earned camaraderie, the sincerity and warmth; irony, the realist’s edge; scorn, the punishing barb; and insistent vulgarity, a rowdy,leveling earthiness. A little verbal bravado and swagger has genuine utility. Hollywood bravado is little more than chest thumping bluster, but seasoned vets know that disciplined bravado indicates confidence and courage.    Physical and moral courage and the confidence they create are essential warrior virtues. But God—or the first sergeant—help the fake macho and especially the “REMF,” “fobbit,” or “suit” who talks the talk but hasn’t walked the walk.

 **NOTE: There are terms in these lists that could be considered NSFW.  


  1.  AK-47 – A Russian-designed assault rifle, used by the Somalis throughout the fight.

  2. APC – Armored personnel carrier, a tank like vehicle that carries troops.
  3. BDUs – Battle Dress Uniforms, in this case, desert tan camouflage fatigues. Read more

US National Anthem–Academy Choirs

US National Anthem by the Academy Choirs

No pop stars,  just the Star Spangled Banner, the cadets, and the US Army Herald Trumpet Corps.



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Air Force Veteran Shares His Tips For Efficient Packing And Traveling

Thomas Snerdley–Snerdley’s packing system laid out before a trip.

Okay, this one is for all of us civilians who may not know the military’s secret to  efficient packing. (They can do it with very little notice, too!) It’s just another quality to be admired.  


via:  –Business Insider

With their reputation for adaptability and traveling at a moment’s notice, it’s no surprise that a military veteran had an outstanding answer to the “What Are the Best Travel Hacks?” question on Quora.

Thomas Snerdley, an airman who served in Iraq and a former military brat, has traveled around the world more than a few times and in the process developed a system for traveling light and efficiently.

Here’s his advice from Quora, republished with permission here: Read more