Enough is Enough.  I Say Who I Am.  Screw Your Molds and Your Proprietary Behavior – A Much Needed Wake Up Call

I wonder if there will come a day in my life when I don’t hear stories like this from our veterans [on a regular basis] I hope so, for their sake. This is the hardest part of what I do; it’s also the reason I won’t falter. I need to let these stories empower me–to hold that line, to be that  voice, to be that advocate–for the men and women that wear my country’s uniform.  This particular article is a little disheartening. I hate to say this but I’m a little disappointed in some of my countrymen.

via: Combat Veterans With PTSD

You read that right.  I’m done bowing down to social norms.  I have been second-guessed and told that I need to be more ‘respectful. more caring’.  I need to learn how to work in a civilian workplace.  I need to learn tact.  And so on and so on and so on…Every turn I have taken in my professional life since I have gotten home, I have discovered that morality, ethics, and merit don\’t have any place here.  I have been told I am too rigid, too uncompromising.  I have been put down, knocked down, condescended, treated poorly in every situation I have tried to stand up and do what’s right.  I have been made to see myself as the weird/broken one who has my priorities skewed. Read more


Friday,  17 January, 2014. It’s fairly late in the evening here, I was sitting in the quiet of the house just thinking–with no intent on blogging–but my thoughts led to a curiosity which in turn led me to research my questions.

We (Americans) have a preconceived notion of what brought us to  insist on our independence from Britain and the subsequent war that followed to gain said independence. Have any of us asked or even had a spark of curiosity to know Britain’s side of the story? This  pivotal time in WORLD history I’m afraid, is not as pretty a picture  on our part as we Americans have portrayed it to be in our History books. Read more