Nova: The Spy Factory Full Video

This is a great documentary.

Examine the high-tech eavesdropping carried out by the National Security Agency and the pitfalls of surveillance in an age of terrorism.

CIA, FBI, NSA organizations investigate the al qaeda involvement in September 11 2001 world trade centre bombing truth conspiracy

Shine On!

The following poem by John Stuart Mill-c. 1850(?)  reflects a strong opinion of war and those who are against it. Although I despise war and  the senseless casualties that come with it,  sometimes there’s no alternative but to send our men and women to the battlefields. In my opinion,  it is those individuals who step up to defend their country and their countrymen are ‘bigger than life…’ they fight for something bigger than themselves.  THAT is what sets them apart.  These unsung heroes are unique individuals born to be a part of an elite group. If you don’t know a veteran or have never spoke to one I highly recommend doing so.  

There’s a lot to be learned from a Diamond in the Rough… Read more

The Most Epic Beards And Mustaches Of The American Civil War–BI

Here are 15 of the most epic Civil War facial hair styles (and the men who rocked them).

Which one’s your favorite?

Alpheus Starkey Williams was a lawyer, judge, and journalist who served as a Union general in the American Civil War. He later became a U.S. Congressman, where he served until his death.

American Civil War Alpheus S. Williams

Fast Flag Facts

I know it’s not flag day but I thought these were some interesting tidbits about Old Glory. I found them while I was looking for a story in ‘Today in History’–Washington added 2  stars to the flag on January 13, 1794 when Vermont and Kentucky entered the Union,

We salute it, sing songs to it and many of us pledge our allegiance to it daily, and the U.S. government encourages all Americans to pause and pay tribute to the flag on its official holiday, June 14. In honor of the this year’s Flag Day, check out some things you should know about the Stars and Stripes.

U.S. Flag

The 25 Coolest US Air Force Images Of The Year-BI

The U.S. Air Force gets a lot of ribbing from the other services for being a kush job, but the general consensus when it comes to photography is that United States Airmen are second to none.

The flagship publication in the Air Force — Airman Magazine — has recently collated and released what its editors believe is the best imagery of 2013.

Air Force photographers are unique in that they don’t just photograph airplanes or service specific operations. Their travels put them on the ground, in the operating room, or in America’s epic Boneyards.

Certainly, the beauty in this imagery is as subtle as it is outstanding. Read more