To move with purpose and economy of motion, The Warrior looks to minimize the waste of mental and physical resources that inhibit decision points and sound action. He must be guided by a practical and unambiguous Warrior Ethos that minimizes hesitation and cognitive dissonance.

The Warrior must adopt and attend to a set of beliefs, values, and standards that assist him in decision making and help fuse his actions in the Red Zone and out.”

– Lunchbox

Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Show Brain Changes Related to Explosion Exposure

Our veterans need our voices!

I’m embedding another post that was shared to Google plus by a veteran.*

*FYI: The embedded posts I share from Google plus will always be from veterans and/or active duty military.


Image of the Day: 19 January 2016

This was taken on a Spanish Army Puma we were fortunate to get leaving FOB Tobruk in Bola Boluk, Afghanistan. Particularly in Afghanistan and working with coalition forces, there is a real “one team, one fight” essence. It was around noon when we saw the choppers on the horizon and got the radio room to make the call to see if they could give us a lift back to Farah.

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