Korean War: The Battle of Notch


M20 recoilless rifles in action. These weapons were used at the Notch against North Korean machine gun positions.

The Battle of the Notch was an engagement between United States and North Korean forces early in the Korean War on August 2, 1950 in southern South Korea. The fight ended in a victory for the United States after North Korean forces attempting to assault the US position were blocked and repelled repeatedly, suffering heavy casualties.
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Why suicide rate among veterans may be higher than 22 a day

Excerpt from last chapter of Dark Side of the Army:

Before I detail my vision for another veteran organization, I believe it is first necessary to highlight the unique problems facing our veterans, and secondly, to paint a broad picture of the current available veteran services in order to contrast why our organization, VR&R, is unique and needed.
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Drone Pilot Traumatizes Kids At Local Career Day Duffel Blog Image from US Air Force

LAS VEGAS — Parents are concerned about the decision of Davis Elementary Principal Bruce Tanner’s controversial decision to invite an Air Force drone pilot to their local career day, sources tell Duffel Blog. Captain Steven “Widow-Maker” Johnson had offered to attend for the last several years, and was finally invited this year. Read more

Image of the Day: 4 January 2016

“Xuan Loc. With his pistol drawn, radio operator Pfc. Mike Farmer of Atlantic City, crouches low to avoid sniper fire during operation ‘Yorktown’. The operation is being conducted by elements of the 173rd Airborne in an area about 40 miles northwest of Saigon.”

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