The unsuccessful assassination attempt on President (elect) Lincoln

He waited the outcome of the voting on election night, November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln sat expectantly in the Springfield, Illinois, telegraph office. The results came in around 2 a.m.: Lincoln had won. Even as jubilation erupted around him, he calmly kept watch until the results came in from Springfield, confirming that he had carried the town he had called home for a quarter century. Only then did he return home to wake Mary Todd Lincoln, exclaiming to his wife: “Mary, Mary, we are elected!”
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WWI: The disappearance ofThe Norfolk Regiment

fggOne of the strangest occurrences of the entire First World War – the disappearance of an entire regiment of men in the midst of battle during the infamous Gallipoli campaign.
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14 WWII-Era I-Era Photos Of Soldiers With Their Pets

Two US Marines together on the front line: Marine John L. Drugan and his buddy, Marine “Pal”, take cover during the Battle of Okinawa, May 1945. K-9s served with great distinction and bravery with all branches of the US Armed Forces during WW2.

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Image of the Day: 2 January 2016

US Marines in Afghanistan. 

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