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S.W.A.K. 1940’s


Take a look back at the greatest generation sending off and welcoming their heroes home from war.

“The more things change, the more the stay the same.” Read more

Talk of War: A mother’s concern for her deploying son


The following comment was  on my Google Plus  after I posted a blog about US military  training  Soldiers how to survive in the event of a capture. I think this mother conveys a similar sentiment for most military families. I have full permission to share this here.

This is one of the things that worried me the most hun when my son joined the military, he would not back out of it he was determined to go at 18 years old. So I crying my eyes out told him I was proud which I am so very proud of him. He was so young. We talked about the worry his father and I had about when he was a baby what if someone stole him? I would and his father would rather know he was heaven than being tortured by people and us never finding our son again. He said, “mom you don’t have to worry about that happening.” That was before his first tour. I am so glad to have him home now even though he has changed from the war.


Link to Band of Mothers website here! 

President Johnson requests additional funds: 1968

This Day in History

In his annual budget message, President Lyndon B. Johnson asks for $26.3 billion to continue the war in Vietnam, and announces an increase in taxes. The war was becoming very expensive, both in terms of lives and national treasure. Johnson had been given a glowing report on progress in the war from Gen. William Westmoreland, senior U.S. commander in South Vietnam. Westmoreland stated in a speech before the National Press Club that, “We have reached an important point when the end begins to come into view. I am absolutely certain that, whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing. The enemy’s hopes are bankrupt.” Read more

Marine Informed He Is Dead By Corpsman

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CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Despite being pronounced dead after a rocket-propelled grenade attack last September in Helmand province, Marine Sgt. Robert McWilliams insists he is fine and able to train with his platoon.

“Damn grunts,” said Navy Corpsman HM2 Jason Bronson. “They’re either hyponchondiratic sick bay commandos or in a state of knuckle dragging denial about their health. Guess which one McWilliams is?” Read more

Image of the Day: 29 January 2015

Soldiers and toy soldiers