A Few Good Dogs


Meet Helo, Bubba and Oscar, three incredible military working dogs based at Fort Meade, Maryland. Together, with their Army Handlers, they protect the men & women of the United States Armed Forces both here and overseas. Read more

19 Terms Only Sailors Will Understand

All sailors from the “old salts” to the newly initiated are familiar with the following terms:

Chit: A chit in the Navy refers to any piece of paper from a form to a pass and even currency. According to the Navy history museum, the word chit was carried over from the days of Hindu traders when they used slips of paper called “citthi” for money. Read more

This Marine Was The ‘American Sniper’ Of The Vietnam War

We Are the Mighty 

Long before Chris Kyle penned “American Sniper,” Carlos Hathcock was already a legend.

He taught himself to shoot as a boy, just like Alvin York and Audie Murphy before him. He had dreamed of being a U.S. Marine his whole life and enlisted in 1959 at just 17 years old. Hathcock was an excellent sharpshooter by then, winning the Wimbledon Cup shooting championship in 1965, the year before he would deploy to Vietnam and change the face of American warfare forever. Read more

AFRICOM General Killed By Wildebeest Stampede

Duffel Blog


PRIDE LANDS, Africa — General David M. Rodriguez, commander of US Africa Command (AFRICOM), died yesterday afternoon, trampled to death in a freak wildebeest stampede, Duffel Blog has learned.

“It’s all my fault,” sobbed 2nd Lt. Simon Imba. “I was always wandering off and getting lost, and the General would always come get me. If I hadn’t been dicking around in that gorge, he would never have fallen in and been killed by those fucking wildebeests. I just don’t think I’m fit to lead anyone.”

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Image of the Day: 30 January 2015


Men of the 8th Air Force standing at attending during an award ceremony for the Distinguished Flying Cross, Sept 1942