American Coup d’Etat: 1934

November 1934, federal investigators uncovered an amazing plot involving some two dozen senior businessmen, a good many of them Wall Street financiers, to topple the government of the United States and install a fascist dictatorship. Roth’s novel is developed from several strands of this factual account; he assumed the plot is actually carried out, whereas in fact an alert FDR shut it down but stopped short of retaliatory measures against the plotters.  Read more

Mathew’s Fury 2016 

Mathew 2016

My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this historic storm. As I watch this beast baring down on the Eastern seaboard I want to express my concern for anyone thinking of “riding out the storm.” I urge everyone in the path of the storm to please, PLEASE seek higher ground. 

This hurricane is predicted to be unlike any in human history. Please don’t be part of that history. 

Be safe. 


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Ryan Pitts On Why Even The Most Painful War Stories Should Be Shared

U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Mikki L. Sprenkle

Medal of Honor Recipient Ryan Pitts makes his remarks during the Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony at the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, 2014 

By JAMES CLARK  on June 10, 2016  

Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts talks about the value in sharing a war story you’d rather keep to yourself.

For Ryan Pitts, the Medal of Honor is a reminder of the sacrifices made by the 48 American soldiers he fought alongside during the Battle of Wanat.
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I needed to share this, Although it happened a few days ago I’m just now hearing about it. Tammy didn’t live far from me and I know the love and passion for helping  our troops she felt. This hits a nerve with me; maybe I’m taking  it personal. At any rate, my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. I didn’t know her personally but our military (support) community here in southern California lost a great advocate and American. 

Rest Easy, my fellow Patriot… 

Temecula, California – Tammy Baker-Carlson Serrano was a friend or mom to everyone, particularly our military members. On Monday, June 13, Brian Saylor, 31, chose to hit her on the head with a bottle of whiskey at a CVS Pharmacy at around 5 p.m., Mrs Serrano stood in line with her 21 year old daughter. Saylor smashed her in the head with a liquor bottle in an unprovoked attack. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to the CVS Pharmacy to find Mrs. Serrano in critical condition, and store employees detaining the suspect. Read more

The states that have produced the most US presidents


From over 20 candidates having declared their aspirations to be president and commander-in-chief, there are now only 5 main candidates still in the race, including Donald Trump. And, unsurprisingly, the candidates still in the race all are from or represent states that have in the past given the US its presidents.
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Brussels. America stands with you.


Watch “Interview with Senior Chief Edward Byers-Metal of Honor recipient


Nancy Reagan dies at age 94 RIP



40th President Ronald Reagan & Nancy Davis March 4, 1952

It’s official! This year’s ‪#‎NavyWeek‬ schedule is out!

Navy Announces 2016 Navy Week Schedule

By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jamal McNeill, Navy Office of Community Outreach

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — From Phoenix to Baton Rouge, America’s Navy will come home to 15 cities across the country in 2016 as part of the Navy Week program.

Navy Weeks, coordinated by the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO), are designed to give Americans the opportunity to learn about the Navy, its people and its importance to national security and prosperity.

Since 2005, the Navy Week program has served as the Navy’s flagship outreach effort into areas of the country without a significant Navy presence, with 181 Navy Weeks being held in 68 different U.S. cities.
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People Making History: Mathew VanDyke

Matthew VanDyke has found his life’s calling as the founder of Sons of Liberty International, an organization that aims to help people fight terrorism and despotism.
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Justice Antonin Scalia

A nation morns

Thank you for your service to our great nation. RIP


Attention Desert Storm Veterans

2016 National Memorial Day Parade

Attention Desert Storm Veterans:

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association invites you to join with more than 500 fellow Desert Storm veterans in Washington D.C., on May 30, 2016, to take part in the National Memorial Day parade for a special commemoration the 25th anniversary of the war.

Representatives from the 33 coalition countries will join the march, as well as a contingent from the Embassy of Kuwait.

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association has negotiated a hotel group rate for those interested in participating. For more information and to register for the parade, email Jill Etter at


Banished US veterans lean on each other south of border

banished veterans

This is news to me…

TIJUANA, Mexico –  They served the United States on battlefields from Korea to Iraq, but now they live in the shadow of the nation they once served, deported to Mexico for offenses as minor as getting caught with marijuana.

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Kevlar for the Mind: Recovering from traumatic brain injuries

Every time you turn on the TV or read the paper there seems to be a story about how tens of thousands of service members have suffered traumatic brain injuries during combat. There’s no doubt that tens if not hundreds of thousands of men and women are dealing with the aftereffects of this cruel and devastating consequence of war. Read more

The Sentinel

Those of you on the east coast (USA),  please take care and be safe. As the rest of the country watches closely as the storm wreaks havoc on the eastern seaboard,  there is a young Soldier; a Sentinel who with honor and pride guards the tomb of vthe unknown Soldier.

Hats off to these men.

Sentinel guarding The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

ARLINGTON, VA. — The federal government is closed and the snow-covered roads are quiet here, but the soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are braving the elements.

“These guys want to be here, they work hard to stay here,” says Sergeant of the Guard, Sgt. 1st Class Tanner Welch. “The guys in Afghanistan they can’t stop because of snow. Guys in the mountains of Korea didn’t stop because it was snowing.”
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