Happy Birthday, Marines! 

Have a great day! Thank you for all you’ve done and sacrificed for this great nation of ours. 

Semper Fi, Grandpa 

Image of the Day: 17 June 2016

Manning the rails

Sailors & Marines manning the rails during Fleet Week, 2015 aboard the USS America. Read more about this America class vessel; the Navy  doesn’t quite know what she is! 

A Message from General Mattis:

US Soldiers

Our country gives hope to millions around the world, and you—who knew that at one time your job was to fight well—kept that hope alive. By your service you made clear your choice about what kind of world we want for our children: The world of violent jihadist terrorists, or one defined by Abraham Lincoln when he advised us to listen to our better angels?….

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Image of the Day: 26 January 2016

2nd. Battalion US MARINE FORCE RECON US Marine Corps

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Image of the Day: 22 January 2016


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Image of the Day: 10 November 2015


The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon – the epitome of Marine Corps discipline, dedication and skill

Image of the Day: 15 October 2015


US Marines

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Image of the Day: 7 October 2015


USMC Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) approach the well deck of the USS Bonhomme Richard.

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Image of the Day: 30 September 2015

Photo by Sgt. Scott A. Achtemeier/USMC

A Critical Skills Operator with U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command uses a torch to cut through a metal door to gain entry on a building during Marine Special Operation School’s Master Breacher’s Course at Stone Bay aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Aug. 5, 2015

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TALK LOUDER: A Military Guide To Group Work

Courtesy of the USMC

USMC Eliminates Safety in Attempt to Cut Numbers

QUANTICO, Va. — As the Marine Corps adapts to the new realities of sequestration, senior leaders are seeking novel approaches to further reducing personnel, sources say. According to members of the Commandant’s staff, the Marine Corps will roll out a new “Safety Last” campaign to improve natural attrition at a much higher rate than the peacetime Marine Corps has historically achieved.
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Image of the Day: 12 August 2015


100 officers and 9000 enlisted men formed Marine emblem. #usmc

*I attempted to link to this image’s source and was taken here. There’s a caption on the bottom right corner of the picture.

Image of the Day: 27 May 2015

USMC band preformed America the Beautiful aboard the USS MIDWAY museum on Monday, in observance of Memorial Day.

The US Marines participate in a ceremony that honor our fallen heroes. This is one of many that took place across the country over the weekend

Image of the Day: 2 May 2015


Navy Chaplain Lt. Commander Tom Webber baptizes Corporal Albert Martinez in a sandbag-lined pool during a ceremony at Camp Inchon, Kuwait March 16, 2003

He’s My Brother

Never Forget

I found these images on the  United States Marine Corps Official Page on Flickr. They’re great examples of the bond of brotherhood our military has. This is probably what I admire most about them. honor, commitment and love–not only for their country–but for their brothers in arms. To be admired.

Enjoy these pictures. You can get access to the Corps official page on Flickr at the above link. I’ve included it below as well.  Read more

USMC Tribute-Fired Up

Tribute to the USMC. Song: Fired Up by Robert Duncan

(The Unit Theme Song)