Maiden on the Midway


On March 10th, 2015 I left Oceanside headed to San Diego for my first visit aboard the USS Midway; my first on any military vessel–and I was excited!  The 55 minute train ride was nice, so much easier than driving. *If ever travelling in southern California I recommend taking advantage of the train and trolleys in the area, you’ll arrive at your destination stress free; navigating the shoestring freeways along with every other S. Californian commuter can be a white knuckle experience if you don’t drive in these conditions regularly.  Read more

The Challenge: Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments

Constitution challenge


It is excruciatingly clear how many citizens are not well versed on our Founding documents. Log on to any social media site right now. You’ll find numerous examples of posts and commentary that display a solid lack of understanding in regard to how our Liberty and Freedoms are protected by our Constitution.

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Marine Held in Iran for 1,200 Days Issues Open Letter Pleading for Obama “Not to Forget Me”

amir hekmati


I saw this originally posted on Google Plus, I’m posting from that website. If you Google this, you’ll see that the cat’s been let out of the bag; there will be no more hiding this. 

A marine held in prison in Iran has begun a hunger strike, according to his family there. Amir Hekmati has served the United States as a Marine and now serves the Islamic Republic of Iran as a prisoner whose death sentence for espionage was commuted to 10 years. Read more

An Airman’s Grace

P-51 Mustang

Lord of thunderhead and sky
Who place in man the will to fly
Who taught his hand speed, skill and grace
To soar beyond man’s dwelling place
You shared with him the Eagle’s view
The right to soar, as Eagles do
The right to call the clouds his home
And grateful, through your heavens roam
May all assembled here tonight
And all who love the thrill of flight
Recall with twofold gratitude
Your gift of Wings, Your gift of Food.

Father John MacGillivary, Royal Canadian Air Force

Agent Orange has effected not only Vietnam veterans, but their families as well

#AgentOrange  has effected not only Vietnam veterans, but their families as well. You can do something to help, please visit our Legislative Action Center at

Once there, enter your zip code, send the prepared letter to your U.S. Representative, and sign as a co-sponsor to H.R. 5484,  the Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2014!

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A global day dedicated to giving back.  You can participate in this event by donating your used clothing and household items, visit clothing by clicking on their logo below to schedule a pick up of donations in your area.  Thank you!

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Paying respect during Reveille, Retreat and Taps

Once again, one of [my] veterans sent this gem to my email. I can always count on the best when they share, and this one is no exception. 


9 times out of 10 when a civilian hears Taps it is automatically correlated with death; the only time we hear it is at funerals. I questioned why he was sent me THAT particular melody–I automatically thought of mourning–but I was reminded that they (servicemen) heard it all the time and it wasn’t a sad moment but one of honor and respect.

Well heck after hearing that, my curiosity was peaked.  I “Googled it” and shared with you below. The protocol on Paying respect during Reveille, Retreat and Taps 

Now, watch one of the best renditions of Taps [I’ve] ever heard. Bravo Zulu, Sailor.  Read more

“Sorry to spoil your little joke…”*: The Origin of Kilroy

 “…I was here, but my pencil broke.” — Kilroy*   

A chalk drawing of Kilroy

Kilroy is about as American as apple pie…at least that’s what I used to think. Come to find out, he’s quite popular in other countries as well, he just goes under different names. I hope you enjoyed Kilroy’s back story–He’ll be making appearances now and again here in the blog so keep your eye out for him! Read more