Marine to Receive Navy Cross After Heroic Acts in Afghanistan


Brian Jacklin will receive the Navy Cross this week for his acts during a 2012 battle in Afghanistan. The gunnery sergeant endured intense enemy fire in order to save his fellow Marines, the Military Timesreported.
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A letter to…shooting victim’s parents; Tomb of the Unknown Solider (Ottawa)


A letter to [Canadian] shooting victim Nathan Carcillo’s parents from another soldier’s parents at the tomb of the unknown solider.

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Unsung Heroes: This Army Reservist Saved A Crowd From A Suicide Bomber

Army Staff Sgt. Jason Fetty (center) is the first Army reservist to earn the Silver Star for actions in Afghanistan.

Photo by Donna Miles

Staff Sgt. Jason Fetty tackled the suicide bomber in an Afghan hospital and separated him from a crowd of hundreds, exposing himself to the blast in the process.

Task and Purpose

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Image of the Day: 23 March 2015

Lady Liberty

The Symbol of America’s freedom and opportunity for those willing to work hard towards “The American Dream.”

Dug In

Goodnight America

As we settle in for the night, remember those who keep watch while we sleep.

Goodnight folks.

The Civil War 150 Years: Solomon Conn’s Violin Diary A soldier’s violin becomes a record of his war-time travels



Original post was published in 2011.

As part of the ongoing 150th anniversary of the Civil War at the Smithsonian Institution, the Around the Mall team will be reporting in a series of posts on some of the illustrative artifacts held by the museums from that epic battle. See more from the collections here. Read more

Patriotism Is a Willingness to Sacrifice


via ParacordPaul

Patriotism is an abstraction, and it is best understood when applied in concrete terms to actual people. Long definition short, patriotism is love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it. Applying that definition concretely, a patriot would be a person who loves our country, but understands and accepts the sacrifice that always accompanies love.

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Image of the Day: 15 March 2015


This picture. His face says it all. I know this isn’t military or Soldier related, but it does depict the first responders to this on going fight we’re in.
Bless the families of the victims, the survivors, and the rest of America for that matter.

While most able-bodied occupants of the north tower fled down stairwells to safety…
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Unsung Heroes: The 7 Marines, 4 Soldiers Presumed Dead In Florida’s Black Hawk Helicopter Crash

A U.S. Army soldier waits to board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Whelan


The feared loss of these 11 service members offers a painful reminder that sacrifice in the name of service never stops.

The seven special operations Marines and four Louisiana Army National Guard crew members feared dead after their Black Hawk helicopter crashed off Florida’s panhandle Mar. 10 are a reminder of the constant risk service members face at home and abroad, during training and in combat.
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UPDATE: Dear Soldier…

sleeping soldier

Does anybody know if this brave little girl was reunited with her buddy,  “Chester the Goldfish?“  I hope this Marine can find this little girl  and her family. She needs to know Chester helped   bring him home. If you have information or an update on the story,  please let me know in the comments below. Thank you very much! Read more

Image of the Day: 9 March 2015


Marine Cpl. Jorge Villarreal, a 22-year-old motor transportation mechanic from San Antonio, was photographed Sept. 29 while he leaned over the edge of a compound in Kajaki, Afghanistan.
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Heaven’s Guardian

Rest Easy, Chris. Thank you.

Sniper cloud: I couldn’t resist sharing this.



Major Keith A Butler was laid to rest in Arlington national cemetery after being KIA in Afghanistan 5 May 2014. Butler served 37 years in the Army and Marine Corps, and had 44 deployments under his belt. This man was a giant among men. He was one.

Rest easy Doc


Section 60: The Hallowed Acre



The only thing we ever learn from experience is that we never learn anything from experience.  George Bernard Shaw


It’s a tiny piece in a much larger jigsaw puzzle. No famous poets or presidents are buried there. No admirals or generals. Instead Section 60 in Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., is the final resting place of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in America’s most recent wars, especially Iraq and Afghanistan. The emotions it inspires, intensified every November 11 on Veterans Day, are raw. Its stories, heartbreaking.

Robert M. Poole, a former executive editor of National Geographic, spent several years listening to those stories for his new book, Section 60: Where War Comes Home. Speaking from his home in Vermont, he explains why he wanted to commemorate this patch of hallowed ground, why it takes years of practice to fold a ceremonial flag, and why Section 60 is one of the few places in America where it’s considered normal to talk to the dead.

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Not that of my Brother


There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s brother.”