​Chris Kyle’s widow Taya Kyle wins Texas shooting competition against world-class sniper

Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, did her husband proud by winning a shooting competition Saturday in Texas using a special target-assisted firearm collection against a world-class sniper.

The Inaugural American Sniper Shootout, which took place Dec. 5 in Mason, Texas, is a partnership with TrackingPoint — an Austin-based company — and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to raise awareness for both the technology used by TrackingPoint firearms and to raise awareness for the needs of military members, veterans and first responders, according to a promo video for the event.

Kyle used three different rifles with the TrackingPoint technology, making the guns precision-guided firearms. A news release compares the technology to a fighter jet’s lock-and-launch technology. Her opponent, NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt, used three guns commonly used in the Army, according to the news release.

Kyle hit 100 percent of her shots, while her opponent NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt managed to hit 58.6 percent of his targets. Her aggregated score was 10,140 points, while Piatt’s score was 3,080 points, according to a news release.

Kyle is considered a novice shooter, even by herself, but the precision-guided bullets were not.

“If you put us on equal guns, any shooter probably could beat me and take home the million dollars,” Kyle said in a promotional video for the event. “I’m nowhere near a world class marksman. I don’t even think I’d consider myself a marksman at all.”

For her victory, Kyle received a check for $500,000 to go toward the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which helps military and first-responder families. Had Piatt won the competition, he would have received $1 million, according to the event’s website.

“The technology in the TrackingPoint system became shockingly obvious when a novice shooter like Taya Kyle was able to complete the American Sniper Shootout without a miss,” Piatt said in a news release. “Just imagine if these were in the hands of our police and military units. I wish they were available when I was wearing a badge and coordinating the SWAT team.”

TrackingPoint estimates that if the technology was implemented across the military, it could cut costs by more than $3 billion in terms of training and ammunition, according to a news release.

Kyle is the widow of slain Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who was portrayed by actor Bradley Cooper in the Oscar-winning film “American Sniper.” Taya Kyle was portrayed by actress Sienna Miller.
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Happy Birthday, Chris Kyle

8 April 1974  2 February  2013
Rest Easy Warrior. Thank you

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February 2: Chris Kyle Day

Chris Kyle

During his 10-year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle was in every major battle of the Iraq war and was so effective at killing Iraqis that they called him “The Devil Of Ramadi” while placing an $80,000 bounty on his head.

Kyle spoke to Gary Buiso at the New York Post about his new book “American Sniper” and offered a few details about what life was like for him as he racked up the kills, of which he claimed more than 200 (160 confirmed).

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle

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Heaven’s Guardian

Rest Easy, Chris. Thank you.

Sniper cloud: I couldn’t resist sharing this.


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A Tribute to Chris Kyle “Devil of Ramadi”

I do not own the rights to any picture or song in this video.
This is just simply a tribute to an amazing American Hero.
It still doesn’t seem real.

US Navy

Anyone who has a problem with what guys do over there is incapable of empathy. People want America to have a certain image when we fight. Yet I would guess if someone were shooting at them and they had to hold their family members while they bled out against an enemy who hid behind their children, played dead only to throw a grenade as they got closer, and who had no qualms about sending their toddler to die from a grenade from which they personally pulled the pin—they would be less concerned with playing nicely.
― Chris KyleAmerican Sniper: Memorial Edition

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