There’s a Celebration going on in Crimea! 

My initial thoughts after learning this were relief and gratitude that the spoon fed rhetoric served to us in the west is false. People are not dying or starving or living against their will in a Russian occupied Crimea. Of course we have to deal with the other side of that coin. 

Remember your critical thinking cap when it comes to the information we receive. 

Image of the Day: 10 July 2016

Semper Fi

Marines in training
Marines in training

Watch “Killing Our Own : The Truth About Gulf War Syndrome”

I always watch the videos before I post them here; some of which are recommended by veterans, like the one I’m sharing today.
I debated whether or not to post this due to the sensitive and disturbing subject matter but this is too important–the wellbeing of our vets is too important for me NOT to share. As I mentioned, there are disturbing images and testimony throughout this video so waiting for the little ones bedtime might be wise. Also, its close to an hour and a half long, a good one to bookmark. Thank you for your time. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Banished US veterans lean on each other south of border

banished veterans

This is news to me…

TIJUANA, Mexico –  They served the United States on battlefields from Korea to Iraq, but now they live in the shadow of the nation they once served, deported to Mexico for offenses as minor as getting caught with marijuana.

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Why suicide rate among veterans may be higher than 22 a day

Excerpt from last chapter of Dark Side of the Army:

Before I detail my vision for another veteran organization, I believe it is first necessary to highlight the unique problems facing our veterans, and secondly, to paint a broad picture of the current available veteran services in order to contrast why our organization, VR&R, is unique and needed.
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“How Do You Kill 11 Million People?”



Read to the end, powerful message. 

“How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” The answer is is so Simple it will give you Chills.

Lie to Them.

by Andy Andrews.

“What we need to understand is how 11 million people allowed themselves to be killed.

Obviously, that is an oversimplification, but think with me here…If a single terrorist begins to shoot automatic weapons in a movie theater containing 300 people, the lone gunman couldn’t possible kill all 300. Why? Because when the shooting started, most of the crowd would run. Or hide. Or fight… Read more

Opinion: How to end the ‘disturbing’ number of vet suicides

(Photo: Courtesy photo)


Army Times

At least 8,030 veterans committed suicide in 2014 due to complications associated with PTSD.  According to government figures, those numbers didn’t include suicide among the active duty troops.

If something isn’t done, we can expect that number to tragically surge with the return of thousands of veterans.
This is when We the People need to make some noise and after that, we need to make more. 

An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide a day,  (That’s one an hour!) a shocking and disturbing number. Even more alarming, this statistic does not include active-duty members, 75 of which have committed suicide between January and March of this year (2014) according to the Pentagon’s quarterly Suicide Event Report.

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The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

Please watch this, pass it on.

How Three Veterans Uncovered the Iraq War’s Biggest Untold Story


John Ismay was in the business of tracking explosives and bombs in surge-era Iraq. His first week there introduced him to an open secret: Coalition forces routinely found chemical weapons, and within a month, a soldier in his unit suffered a mustard blister on his leg the size of his hand. Read more

REVEALED: Thank You Letter To Defense Contractor For Saving A Soldier’s Life



The following is a thank you letter written to BAE Systems, the defense company behind one of the popular mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles.

Dear BAE Armaments Division,

I wish to offer my sincere thanks for the outstanding products created by your department. The armored platforms you have built have allowed our soldiers to return home safely to their families while increasing their combat effectiveness on the battlefields of Iraq. Read more

The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons

Veterans in Congress

Allen B West

“Wanna know why we have veterans dying at the hands of the VA & we’re handing “pink slips” to combat leaders? Wanna know why we’re decimating our military when the world is a far more dangerous? See image. We don’t have veterans serving in our legislative branch like we once did. And how many have served a full active duty career or have served on recent battlefields? This is very disconcerting.”

I Repeat, The US is a REPUBLIC

GIF--Nope-No-way-Nah-no-Judge-Judy-GIFBack in April I put together a post that–in my opinion– had an informative, easy to understand comparison between a Republic vs Democracy. As much as I wish every American read that post, it didn’t happen. I still hear/read AMERICANS referring the US using the “D word.”  Come on, Really?


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U.S. Air Force pararescuemen, 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, provide security during a mission Nov. 7, 2012, in Afghanistan. Pararescue teams assault, secure, and dominate the rescue objective area using any available Department of Defense or allied, air, land, or sea asset. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder)

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.
~George Washington


Think about what this means. Think of the consequences and repercussions the treatment of our veterans and active duty will have on our nation–good, bad, or indifferent–are we ready for that?

There are some who keep forgetting that kindness is free and an open mind and heart go along way. This is a warning from our first President and Commander in Chief, take heed America.

  #stopthestigmas #stopthehate 

speak the truth

When it’s uncomfortable,
When it’s unpopular,
Even when it’s dangerous to speak the truth,
is the precise time when the truth should be

Trial of Socrates, Plato (?)