A Place We’re Meant to be

Is there a place where we’re all meant to be, a place between the threads of life and sacrifice, fate and luck, is there a place in the distance like this for me, and if so what’s a lad like me to do? is it a vanishing door in time and space, that if we’re to step inside it becomes a suicide raid? to never return to those we love with every oz of our being. A vanishing soldier once there,  now never to return. Tap tap on his family’s door, the dreaded door no person wishes to open but must, this will be the last time a Marine knocks on his widow’s door, as he shouts from the clouds above, don’t bother I won’t die, I promise you those tears will dry, don’t feel sorry I’ll be fine, we will meet once more my sweet, so don’t bother, live like we were going to, and know that I’ll always keep an eye on you. Just in case, I forget that gorgeous face.

Mr. M.

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Honor Surpassed

We dismiss the achievements of our ancestors & fall short of them.

They honor the achievements of their ancestors & surpassed them.

Anthony Esolen, Professor of English


Woman worker grinding a machined part at Curtiss-Wright. Photograph by F. Dale Smith, 1943-44. Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collection. Smith, Dale F. Collection.

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Watch “Veterans Day Medley | Anthem Lights Mashup” 

Happy Veterans Day 

Veterans Day

Vietnam War

Thank you , veterans for your service and sacrifice for our nation. We’ll never forget.

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Watch “World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes” 

1,000 years of war. In five minutes. ☺ 

Image of the Day: 8 September 2016 

Men wounded in the Ypres battle of September 20th, 1917. Walking along the Menin road, to be taken to the clearing station. German prisoners are seen assisting at stretcher bearing. (Captain G. Wilkins/State Library of Victoria)

Sebastian Junger: Over-Valorizing Vets Does More Harm Than Good 

Manning the rails

Task & Purpose spoke with the “Restrepo” director about his upcoming book, “Tribe,” and why over-valorizing veterans only does more harm than good.

Few civilians can get away with talking about the military the way Sebastian Junger does. Among mainstream journalists, his commentary on the experience of being an American soldier in the post-9/11 world is unparalleled in its depth and honesty. Over the years, he’s amassed a body of award-winning work — articles, books, films — that challenges popular assumptions about what it means to serve, and the psychological impact that service has on those who do. That’s a remarkable achievement for someone who’s never worn the uniform. Read more

Missed in History: Walter Reed 

Major Walter Reed (Photo by Photoquest/Getty Images)   

In the United States (and probably elsewhere, at least for people who keep an eye on U.S. news), Walter Reed’s name is sadly synonymous with both military medicine and with neglect and mismanaged care for veterans. But the man himself did critical, groundbreaking work in disease prevention, particularly related to the hemorrhagic illness known as yellow fever.
Our listener mail is from Karina, about the Young Lords, which is an organization we mentioned in passing in our Sylvia Rivera episode.

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: Walter Reed

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Do You Know The Reason Behind The Flag Folding?

National Flag Day

Folding the american Flag

The first fold of our Flag is a symbol of life.

The second fold is a symbol of our belief in eternal life. Read more

American Sniper’s Chris Kyle: His Dangerous Life and Mysterious Death

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle reveals how American Sniper “brought her husband back to life” and why she trusted Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper. Subscribe now to get instant access to the real story behind Chris Kyle, in this issue of PEOPLE. Read more

The Manhattan Project’s Angel

Louis S.

There’s much controversy that surrounds the creation and subsequent use of the atomic bomb by the United States against Japan during WWII. (Personally I think the potential  destruction of our planet is overkill (NO pun intended) and the moral implications following the destruction of innocent lives in Japan speak for itself. No matter where you stand, the following story is about one incident among the chaos that was the “creation of death ” that shows us the selflessness we’re  capable of.

I just learned of this remarkable man’s story yesterday, which is troubling to me. Being a native of New Mexico I’m very familiar with  all the rumors of secret government “goings-on” behind lock and key and automatic weapons under the cover of hollowed out mountains and underground bunkers. From the Rowell incident to the Manhattan Project, I’ve heard it all!

(being privy to “inside information” by geography  alone, I can tell you that most of the rumors are fact, truth).  Read more

Watch “The U.S. Military Academy at West Point (USMA) (documentary)” 

Young Soldiers 


Found herehttp://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th

When the initial battles in the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775, few colonists desired complete independence from Great Britain, and those who did were considered radical. By the middle of the following year, however, many more colonists had come to favor independence, thanks to growing hostility against Britain and the spread of revolutionary sentiments such as those expressed in Thomas Paine’s bestselling pamphlet “Common Sense,” published in early 1776. On June 7, when the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House (later Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, the Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion calling for the colonies’ independence. Amid heated debate, Congress postponed the vote on Lee’s resolution, but appointed a five-man committee–including Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Robert R. Livingston of New York–to draft a formal statement justifying the break with Great Britain.

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The Empowered Man

The Empowered Man

The Empowered Man

Answers to Questions Regarding the Empowered Man

Why did you paint this?

There is something simmering deep inside the soul of all Americans. We want to know that our country belongs to the people; that the government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our presidents and politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office… “to defend the Constitution of the United States!” Read more

Ryan Pitts On Why Even The Most Painful War Stories Should Be Shared

U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Mikki L. Sprenkle

Medal of Honor Recipient Ryan Pitts makes his remarks during the Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony at the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, 2014 

By JAMES CLARK  on June 10, 2016  

Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts talks about the value in sharing a war story you’d rather keep to yourself.

For Ryan Pitts, the Medal of Honor is a reminder of the sacrifices made by the 48 American soldiers he fought alongside during the Battle of Wanat.
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