​Chris Kyle’s widow Taya Kyle wins Texas shooting competition against world-class sniper

Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, did her husband proud by winning a shooting competition Saturday in Texas using a special target-assisted firearm collection against a world-class sniper.

The Inaugural American Sniper Shootout, which took place Dec. 5 in Mason, Texas, is a partnership with TrackingPoint — an Austin-based company — and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to raise awareness for both the technology used by TrackingPoint firearms and to raise awareness for the needs of military members, veterans and first responders, according to a promo video for the event.

Kyle used three different rifles with the TrackingPoint technology, making the guns precision-guided firearms. A news release compares the technology to a fighter jet’s lock-and-launch technology. Her opponent, NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt, used three guns commonly used in the Army, according to the news release.

Kyle hit 100 percent of her shots, while her opponent NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt managed to hit 58.6 percent of his targets. Her aggregated score was 10,140 points, while Piatt’s score was 3,080 points, according to a news release.

Kyle is considered a novice shooter, even by herself, but the precision-guided bullets were not.

“If you put us on equal guns, any shooter probably could beat me and take home the million dollars,” Kyle said in a promotional video for the event. “I’m nowhere near a world class marksman. I don’t even think I’d consider myself a marksman at all.”

For her victory, Kyle received a check for $500,000 to go toward the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which helps military and first-responder families. Had Piatt won the competition, he would have received $1 million, according to the event’s website.

“The technology in the TrackingPoint system became shockingly obvious when a novice shooter like Taya Kyle was able to complete the American Sniper Shootout without a miss,” Piatt said in a news release. “Just imagine if these were in the hands of our police and military units. I wish they were available when I was wearing a badge and coordinating the SWAT team.”

TrackingPoint estimates that if the technology was implemented across the military, it could cut costs by more than $3 billion in terms of training and ammunition, according to a news release.

Kyle is the widow of slain Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who was portrayed by actor Bradley Cooper in the Oscar-winning film “American Sniper.” Taya Kyle was portrayed by actress Sienna Miller.
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See images and video of Taya at the competition by linking below 


Watch the Blue Angels Triumphantly Take Back to the Sky

Blue Angels take back to the sky

If anyone can quickly rise again, it’s these guys.

The Navy’s Flight Demonstration Team surprised Pensacola residents yesterday as they streaked overhead. It was the first time the team had been back in the air for practice after losing one of their own, #6 Captain Jeff Kuss, during a training flight in Tennessee. Read more

Watch The Worlds Biggest Super Planes Blue Angels Documentary

Here’s a great documentary on…you guessed it!
In this video the pilots share what it means to be a Blue Angel, which is more than just “fancy flyin” (requires training [practice] 6 days a week, @ 0800 and again @ 1300.
They also serve as ambassadors to our military for places like Fargo, ND and elsewhere with little military representation and sometimes the community’s first contact with our service members.

Watch now or bookmark for the weekend. Get up close and personal with the US Navy’s Blue Angels

Watch The Blue Angels – Set to Van Halen’s Dreams

In keeping with the Blue Angels, I thought I’d share another video of these amazing pilots but this time we get the POV of the plane and cockpit. These pilots pull upwards of 6 G’s and use breathing and muscle clenching techniques to keep from passing out. These are truly a group of America’s finest!
Kick off your weekend with the Blue Angels!

Watch US NAVY Blue Angels at 2016 Southernmost Air Spectacular Key West, FL – 03-Apr-2016

This video of an air show the Blue Angels performed earlier this year has the late Captain Jeff Kuss flying ✈ the number 6 position (opposing solo). I searched for hours last night, this is the only video I found with Captain Kuss performing, I do expect more to appear over the next week or so. Jeff has been flown back home via the Blue Angels Fat Albert, funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday 11 June 2016.

Blue Angels jet crashes after take-off in Tennessee, killing pilot

Matt Bell/The Register & Bee via AP This May 19, 2016, photo shows Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss at an air show

An F/A-18 Super Hornet with the Navy’s elite demonstration squadron crashed shortly after take-off Thursday, killing the pilot just days before a weekend air show performance, officials said

A U.S. official told the Associated Press that the pilot was Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. According to his official Blue Angels biography, Kuss joined the elite acrobatics team in 2014 and accumulated more than 1,400 flight hours.
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Watch “Future War Ships For U S Navy The BEST In The World HD”

This is a long video, but it describes and demonstrates the abilities of the US Navy’s newest battleships, the USS Independence and the USS Liberty

There were bullets everywhere’: New details emerge about the US Navy SEAL killed by ISIS fire in Iraq

Fallen Navy SEALs

New details about the death of Charlie Keating IV, the Navy SEAL killed by ISIS fire in Iraq on Tuesday, have come to light after the cessation of fighting near Tel Askuf, a town just north of ISIS’ Iraqi capital of Mosul.

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Fat Albert pilot a first for Blue Angels

For some aviators, a sleek supersonic jet is what they want to drive, and others are hip to hover in a helicopter.

    Marine Capt. Katie Higgins has the hots for the Hercules.

    At this weekend’s Cherry Point Air Show, Higgins will be piloting Fat Albert, the famed C-130 of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels demonstration team.

    Higgins is also the first woman pilot in the history of the precision flying team
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DARPA’s robot sub-hunter: ‘A Klingon bird of prey’

US Navy

Others might have compared the U.S. Navy trimaran, with its narrow hull and dual floats arching into the water, to a Polynesian outrigger canoe. But regardless of its appearance, the strange-looking vessel tied to the dock may be the future of warfare.

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Happy Birthday, Chris Kyle

8 April 1974  2 February  2013
Rest Easy Warrior. Thank you

Happy April Fools’ Day: Here’s one of the greatest military pranks we’ve ever seen

Three pigs, greased and painted red, white, and blue, trotting around the deck of the USS Kennedy. 

In 1986, a US Navy helicopter crew devised a prank that would go down as one of the best in history.

As the USS John F. Kennedy came to relieve the USS America after a six-month deployment in the Mediterranean, aircrewman Brian Christoff filmed three greased pigs each painted red, white, and blue on the flight deck of the USS Kennedy.

“We used the excuse that we had some official paperwork to drop off. They never seen it coming!” Christoff wrote in the video’s description.

Watch the full footage of the prank below:





Obama to award Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL for daring rescue

The White House provided few details about the secretive mission and Byers’s role in it, other than to praise his “courageous actions while serving as part of a team that rescued an American civilian being held hostage in Afghanistan.” 

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Byers joined the Navy in 1998 and has completed seven overseas combat tours. He has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal five times, the Purple Heart twice and the Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers will receive the nation’s highest military honor in a White House ceremony on Feb. 29. He is the eleventh living service member to be awarded the medal for actions in Afghanistan. 

Byers, a member of the elite SEAL Team Six, participated in a special forces operation that led to the rescue of an American doctor, Dr. Dilip Joseph, who had been kidnapped by the Taliban for ransom, according to USA Today.


UNSUNG HEROES: The Fallen Corpsman Who Took On A Special Mission To Save An Infant

In late June 2006, a routine insurgent patrol in Fallujah’s Anbar province turned into a different mission for Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Walsh.

A hidden bomb went off during the sweep and Walsh, along with the rest of his platoon, set off to find the triggerman by going door to door in the nearest village.

From one of the houses, a woman emerged carrying an infant, alerting the Marines that she had a sick baby.
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