VA begins awarding compensation for C-123 agent orange claims

In 1997, 10 years after retiring from a 34-year career in the Army Reserve and Air Force Reserve, Edward Kosakoski was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Though his last assignment in the Reserve was as commander of the 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts, it was during the mid-1970s and early 1980s that Lt. Col. K was exposed to Agent Orange while flying training missions on several C-123 aircraft previously used for spraying the chemical defoliant in Vietnam. Read more

Watch A Time Lapse Of The Air Force’s Most Intense Combat Simulation

I shot this in the desert a few miles north east of Nellis AFB during RED FLAG exercises, which the Air Force calls the “premier air-to-air combat training exercise,” pitting pilots against one another in a massive simulation.

After attending a number of RED FLAG exercises it still amazes me how much hardware comes alive (flights, taxis, fighters) and comes back all within a fairly limited span of time.

This night time lapse video will hopefully give you a good idea of what I am talking about. Make sure to set the YouTube player to 1080p, enlarge the player’s window, and turn the audio up a bit to get the total experience!

Step inside the cockpit of the US’s most iconic war planes

The National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, is a treasure trove of the greatest, most iconic aircraft in history, which you can tour at home, online, right now, for free. Read more

Watch “A-10 Thunderbolt II Documentary – The Anti-Battle Tank Warplane – History Documentary Films”

The History Channel’s Modern Marvel’s episode of the Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt, aka Warthog (the Gatlin gun with a plane wrapped around it). With its unique flying capabilities and signature sound,  the A-10 has made a a name for itself; when ground troops found themselves in a sticky wicket, it is the Thunderbolt who’s called in to provide close air support. They clear a path for our Soldiers and Marines while eliminating their threat.

This Gulf War Footage Of An F-16 Dodging 6 Iraqi Missiles Is Insane

A recent Reddit upload shows a U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot going toe to toe with a host of Iraqi missile sites during the Gulf War. The black and white video is shot from the pilot’s flight camera, but it’s the gritty and tense audio that ensures viewers don’t forget that they’re watching actual pilots, in real combat.

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Navy Blue Angels VS. USAF Thunderbirds

So, wich team do you prefere? Do you favourice the navy or the Air force? Do you like the Thunderbirds who are flying with F-16 or the older Blue Angels who are using the modern F/A-18.
Blue Angels
At the end of the second world war, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz demanded an aviation team from the navy to preform shows to the audience. The point was to show everybody that “it wasn’t just the air-force who could fly” and to keep the interest in navy aviation. It didn’t even take a year untill the Blue Angles made their first flight in june 1946 at their home base Naval air station in Jacksonville. Read more

Image of the Day: 30 December

“A wiry, stooped U. S. Infantryman smoking an old pipe carries a heavy container filled with supplies up over the hills to the front on Guadalcanal.” 1943 #WWII #History @U.S. Army

A new exhibit celebrates the work of John Florea, a LIFE photographer whose shock at the horrors of World War II translated into some of the most haunting images ever made of war.

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Air Force celebrates its 68th birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Air Force!

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Most Difficult Aerobatic Flight Maneuvers

Aerobatic maneuvers

Close Air Support: A-10

This is an awesome video of the A-10 in action only from inside the cockpit. I love the radio talk. Enjoy!

Unsung Heroes: This Airman Exposed Himself To Extreme Enemy Fire To Protect Wounded Comrades


When three airmen became separated from their unit, this pararescueman singlehandedly held the enemy at bay until reinforcements could arrive.

Task and Purpose

When Master Sgt. Ivan Ruiz saw two soldiers fall wounded amid a withering crossfire of enemy bullets and grenades in a courtyard in Kandahar, Afghanistan, he didn’t think twice about exposing himself to rescue them.

An Air Force pararescueman deployed with the 22nd Expeditionary Special Tactics Squadron, Ruiz and two Army Special Forces teammates were separated from the rest of the unit while moving through a series of compounds on Dec. 13, 2013. The next combatants they stumbled upon weren’t their comrades, but four insurgents at point-blank range in a courtyard. Ruiz and the soldiers quickly killed them, but the confrontation unleashed an onslaught of enemy fire from multiple directions. Read more

The unbelievable story of a pilot who survived an SR-71 Blackbird’s disintegration at Mach-3

Built as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft able to fly at 88,000 feet and Mach 3, the iconic Lockheed SR-71 required aircrews to wear a special silver pressure suit to ensure their safety. This proved to be useful during the time, as the aircraft experienced several accidents at very high speeds and altitudes during its test flights.

The protection these suits provided was put to test on Jan. 25, 1966 when Blackbird tail number 952 disintegrated mid-air during a systems evaluation flight. Read more

A B-1B “Bone” Night Launch Is An Otherworldly Experience


I have stood alongside runways as B-1s blasted off for training missions and one [word] can describe it: Loud! Four General Electric F101s in full blower pushing a big gas and bomb container along the runway is pretty outrageous, but that same thing at night is downright otherworldly. Read more

Air Force Resurrects B-52 Bomber From Boneyard for First Time

B-52 Bomber

The U.S. Air Force for the first time refurbished and returned to duty a B-52 bomber that was held in long-term storage at a facility in Arizona.

The B-52 Stratofortress, called “Ghost Rider,” is a strategic long-range bomber that had been held at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona since its decommission in 2008. Read more

Send in the Weathermen


On a moonless night in October 2001, an American helicopter lifted off from an airbase in Uzbekistan, banking south on a covert mission into Afghanistan. Inside was one of America’s most elite and unknown special operators, hand-selected for a job so important that the wider war on terror hinged on its success.

In New York and Washington, D.C., the funerals continued. Families gave up hope of a miracle rescue in the rubble of the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But if this soldier succeeded he would never shoot his gun and no one outside the military would know his work.

He was a weatherman. Read more