The Manhattan Project’s Angel

Louis S.

There’s much controversy that surrounds the creation and subsequent use of the atomic bomb by the United States against Japan during WWII. (Personally I think the potential  destruction of our planet is overkill (NO pun intended) and the moral implications following the destruction of innocent lives in Japan speak for itself. No matter where you stand, the following story is about one incident among the chaos that was the “creation of death ” that shows us the selflessness we’re  capable of.

I just learned of this remarkable man’s story yesterday, which is troubling to me. Being a native of New Mexico I’m very familiar with  all the rumors of secret government “goings-on” behind lock and key and automatic weapons under the cover of hollowed out mountains and underground bunkers. From the Rowell incident to the Manhattan Project, I’ve heard it all!

(being privy to “inside information” by geography  alone, I can tell you that most of the rumors are fact, truth).  Read more