The Empowered Man

Answers to Questions Regarding the Empowered Man

Why did you paint this?

There is something simmering deep inside the soul of all Americans. We want to know that our country belongs to the people; that the government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our presidents and politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office… “to defend the Constitution of the United States!”

I hope everyone will see themselves as the Empowered Man. It makes no difference whether you are a man or woman, how old you are, or the color of your skin. When we decide to no longer be silent and to speak out for individual liberty under the Constitution of the United States we will be empowered!

What freedoms do you think are at risk?

Do we have freedom when half the country pays taxes to support the other half?

Do we have freedom when government regulates every aspect of our lives?

Do we have freedom when our currency is controlled by a corporation that has no accountability to the American people?

Do we have freedom when we have more debt than can possibly be repaid?

We need a federal government that does not hinder the American people by unnecessary financial and regulatory burdens.

The government bureaucracy is to a point where it is no longer worth what the tax payer is required to maintain it. The Constitution outlines exactly what the federal government’s role is in our lives. All other duties are to be administered by the state. We can see which states are financially solvent and which are not. Take the worst state, put it on steroids and you have the federal government. I wonder how many Americans realize they have sold our God given freedoms for a mess of pottage.

What do you suggest?

My solution is that the Forgotten Man get off his bench, pick up that Constitution and hold it high in the air as a standard for the world to see. Don’t hold back! Don’t be silent! You are the future of this nation and without YOU, the American dream will perish.

Why are some Presidents clapping while others seem less enthusiastic?

This painting is a reversal from my previous piece called “The Forgotten Man.” In the FM painting Obama was standing with his foot on the Constitution. Some presidents were looking off in the distance, unaware of the man on the bench; clapping in approval of the direction the country is headed. While some presidents standing near the forgotten man show concern and disbelief. I tried to capture different emotions on the faces of presidents from the past and present. If they are clapping in this painting, it is because they do not favor the welfare state and devaluation of our dollar. It does not signal that they are without flaw. Most all the presidents did things that were unconstitutional.

What do you expect the reaction to be from this painting?

Usually those with conservative viewpoints approve and the liberals hate it, but I’m most interested in those who aren’t sure. I like it when people take the time to scroll through the painting and read the captions. I hope it will cause people to think and to feel – to ask questions. If I can do that, this painting will be successful.

Jon McNaughton

a political artist


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