The Forgotten Man

This is the inspiration behind  Jon McNaughton’s “The Empowered  Man” which I posted earlier today. As you can see the mood isn’t quite the same as the FM, and subsequently caught a lot of flack over it. Following is his response to the criticism behind, “The Forgotten Man”

I stand with his view AND solution to the growing presence of the elephant 🐘 in every room in  America.

I remember when the cold war ended and the attitude and drive Americans had.

What happened?

When are  WE going to stand up?

The act alone can move mountains if we want it bad enough.

I know I promised (myself) I wasn’t going to use this blog as a political platform  to spout off my views but I was compelled (by the paintings themselves)  to  share them here. 

I also see the message conveyed  more of  a concern for America and her people than of any politician or ideology 
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The Empowered Man

The Empowered Man

The Empowered Man

Answers to Questions Regarding the Empowered Man

Why did you paint this?

There is something simmering deep inside the soul of all Americans. We want to know that our country belongs to the people; that the government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our presidents and politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office… “to defend the Constitution of the United States!” Read more