Watch The Worlds Biggest Super Planes Blue Angels Documentary

Here’s a great documentary on…you guessed it!
In this video the pilots share what it means to be a Blue Angel, which is more than just “fancy flyin” (requires training [practice] 6 days a week, @ 0800 and again @ 1300.
They also serve as ambassadors to our military for places like Fargo, ND and elsewhere with little military representation and sometimes the community’s first contact with our service members.

Watch now or bookmark for the weekend. Get up close and personal with the US Navy’s Blue Angels

Watch The Blue Angels – Set to Van Halen’s Dreams

In keeping with the Blue Angels, I thought I’d share another video of these amazing pilots but this time we get the POV of the plane and cockpit. These pilots pull upwards of 6 G’s and use breathing and muscle clenching techniques to keep from passing out. These are truly a group of America’s finest!
Kick off your weekend with the Blue Angels!

Watch US NAVY Blue Angels at 2016 Southernmost Air Spectacular Key West, FL – 03-Apr-2016

This video of an air show the Blue Angels performed earlier this year has the late Captain Jeff Kuss flying ✈ the number 6 position (opposing solo). I searched for hours last night, this is the only video I found with Captain Kuss performing, I do expect more to appear over the next week or so. Jeff has been flown back home via the Blue Angels Fat Albert, funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday 11 June 2016.