I will be posting articles and/or stories, resources and anything else I can find on this topic throughout the month. Personally I think everyday should be dedicated to PTSD Awareness.

This will be a long journey for them, we can help them along their way. 


2 thoughts on “June: PTSD Awareness

  1. I agree. It’s difficult as “outsiders” for us to know how and what and when to say the RIGHT thing. That’s my biggest concern;saying anything that might trigger them further. I’ve posted some great information on this subject today. Nice to see you!


  2. Amen to that sentiment. People just don’t grasp the reality of PTSD & just how deadly it can become nor the fact of just how many of our heroic soldiers come back home with it, all due to their bravery & honor in serving our great Country & to keep safe the freedoms all Americans enjoy everyday!


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