April is known as the Month of the Military Child. In that same vein, Military Brats Day is observed on April 30th.

Military Brats become accustomed to changing circumstances, moving from base to base, both around the United States and internationally. Answering the often asked question “Where are you from,” isn’t always an easy task.

Military children are invited to sacrifice but are not given a choice. They go months at a time without seeing a parent who is serving. Frequently leaving friends behind and having to forge new relationships in new towns, military brats can be quick to adapt.

The Military Brats motto is “Children of the world, blown to all corners of the world, we bloom anywhere!” The Dandelion is the symbol of their silent tribe.

Their time as a child will not last forever, however. At some point, they grow to adulthood, though they will forever be, honorably, military brats.

So, as the Month of the Military Child draws to a close, celebrate National Military Brat Day.


When considering the sacrifices of military personnel, don’t forget the sacrifices of the youngest military members, their children.  Use #NationalMilitaryBratsDay to share on social media.


Military Brats, Inc. founded National Military Brats Day in 2016 to pay tribute to the sacrifices Military Brats everywhere make. The day was approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in April. Part of the National Military Brats Day initiative is a proposal that Congress set aside a day acknowledging these military children.  For more information visit http://www.militarybratsinc.org.

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