The National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, is a treasure trove of the greatest, most iconic aircraft in history, which you can tour at home, online, right now, for free.

From the propeller-driven planes of World War I to the fighters and bombers that turned the tide against Hitler in World War II, all the way up to today’s fleet staples and experimental aircraft that never made the cut, the museum’s virtual tour is an aviation nut’s dream come true.

But even better than a digital walk through, the museum provides excellent high-definition panoramic photos of the interiors of some of the most beloved aircraft in history.

In the slides below, step into at the cockpits of the B-29B-52SR-71, and many more:

Here we see the cockpit of the SPAD XIII C.1, a French biplane fighter aircraft from World War I.


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